Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tylenol Precise Freebie at Walgreens!

An easy freebie is a rare thing to come by at the drug stores. Often "freebies" at the drug store require you to buy something and pay out of pocket first, and then get reimbursed through the form of a reward buck program.

Well, here's an easy freebie that you can get through Saturday night at Walgreens and it requires no out of pocket (except for $.35 tax)! You get the new Tylenol Precise heating pads for free!

You will need the $5 off coupon that came in last Sunday's Raleigh News and Observer paper. It was not in the local Wilmington Star News.

The Tylenol Precise normally costs $7.99 but it's on sale for $5.00. After your $5.00 off coupon, it's free! Easy peasy!

I hear it's good stuff, too. Three come in the box. I got home tonight and was eager to try it out but I realized that it says do not wear overnight so I will try one out tomorrow. Basically they are heating pads to take care of pain. I believe they are non-medicated, so they're a good option for those who try to avoid taking medicines for everything.

Let me know how you come out with this deal!

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