Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where to Find the News and Observer

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Just in time for tomorrow's paper, I thought I would post on where you can find the Sunday Raleigh News and Observer. Many times it has more coupons than the local Wilmington Star News. I wish that were not the case, but I have been comparing the number of coupons in the past four weeks and 3 out of 4 weeks the Raleigh paper won.

The only negative is that it is hard to find! You also have to be up early to get it; many places sell out of it by 10:00 a.m. I always suggest that if you find that a store is running out frequently, speak to the manager and request that they order more. I did that at the store where I buy my paper; they have now doubled the amount of paper that the delivery guy drops off. Finally, if your local store doesn't carry it, suggest that they do! Let them know how much traffic having the Raleigh paper will bring to their store. I personally fill up on gas each week when I go to the Kangaroo that carries my Sunday paper, so it certainly drives more business for them!

Last week in the Raleigh Sunday paper they had an entire page showing where to find the Raleigh News and Observer in SE North Carolina! I was so excited to see this because people ask me this question all of the time. I presume it is up-to-date, since they published it last week (July 31st). Please notify me if there are any errors or if a store stops carrying it. Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you who have had a hard time finding it!

Where to Find the Raleigh News and Observer  
(by city or township, alphabetical order)

Calabash Citgo
Granny Allyns Restaurant
PJ's Beverage Citgo
Sunrise Pancake House

Carolina Beach
Courtyard Marriot
Crown Fast-Fare
Food Lion
Gulf Stream Restaurant
Scotchman (2 locations)
Sea Merchant's Food Store

BP Convenience Store
Exxon C Store
Food Lion
Sawmill Grill
Topsail Country Store
Wilco Hess

Holden Beach
Beach Mart
Holden Beach General Store
Holden Beach Pier

Stuckey's HWY 17 (I can't believe this is the only place in Leland that carries it)!
The Salty Dog Exxon near WalMart

Long Beach/Oak Island/Yaupon
Beach Pantry
Beana's Kitchen
Captain Stanley's Restaurant
CJ's Corner Store
Flying Pig
Jiffy Bait and Tackle
Kangaroo Pantry #3167
Oak Island Restaurant
Russell's Place Restaurant

Citgo (near Hardees on North Market)
Food Lion
Gordon Road
Harris Teeter
Kangaroo (Gordon Rd.)
Leon Ogden Restaurant
Ogden BP
Pop Store

Porter's Neck
Food Lion (1 location)
Porty City Java
Yacht Club

Bald Head Ferry Landing
Bald Head Maritime Market
Citgo Coastal Car Wash
Erik's Restaurant
Family Dollar
Kangaroo Pantry #467
Port City Java
Surfers Restaurant

Sunset Beach
Bagel Shop on the Green
Citgo, Sunset Beach
Dollar General
Food Lion, Sunset Beach
Kangaroo (2 locations)
Market Express
Sunset Beach Condos

Post Office

Wilmington BP (4 locations)
Barnes and Noble, Mayfaire
Boodles Restaurant
BP Pinevalley
Buy and Go Gas Exxon
Citgo Mart, Oleander
Crown Fast Fare (4 locations)
Dunkin Donuts
Food Lion, Landfall
General Store
Harris Teeter at Longleaf
Hess-Wilco, Oleander
K&W Cafeteria
Kangaroo, Landfall
Kangaroo (near hospital)
Lowe's Foods (2 locations)
Port City Java, Market Street
Post Office, Front Street
Salt Works II Restaurant

Wrightsville Beach
Blockade Runner
BP Food Shop (1 location)
Causeway Cafe
Harris Teeter
Johnnie Mercer Pier
Middle of Isle
Oceanic Motel
Robert's Grocery
Shell Station
Sun Spree Resort
Sweet and Savory

Circulation Customer Service: 1-800-522-4205 I called and was told that you can subscribe to the Raleigh paper down here in SE North Carolina and they will mail it to you. However, the coupons will not be included :( Bummer! You can always call and check to see if they have changed the policy!


  1. Thanks so much for posting an updated current locations list! And yay for there being a location in Leland!!!

  2. You're welcome- let me know if the Leland location turns out to work! I guess you could call ahead of time, too.

  3. Wish they would put some in Burgaw!

  4. Well I can tell this list is slightly outdated because Boodles restaurant is no longer around. It's been a different restaurant for several months now.

  5. Omigosh. Thank you thank you thank you for this!! I moved to Wilmington from Charlotte and there really is a big difference in the coupons available here :( I have some friends sending them to me but I will start doing this now. Just stumbled upon your blog. Can't wait to read more!