Thursday, September 27, 2012

Remember your Paper this Sunday!

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I wanted to remind everyone about this Sunday's newspaper. It's the first of the month coming up and that means lots of great coupons. There are supposed to be five inserts in the paper this week!

There should be:

1 Proctor and Gamble
2 Red Plum
1 Smart Source
1 Pepsi Moments to Save (certain regions)

Keep in mind that the inserts vary by region so there is no guarantee that we will receive all of them. However, it never hurts to be on the lookout and check several papers before you walk out of the store.

Also, try to get the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper if you can because it has way more coupons that the smaller local city newspapers.

I hope to be back on Sunday morning posting my weekly newspaper coupon listing and comparison. See you then!

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