Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Deal on Photo Books Buy 1 Get 2!

I love photo books! In the back of my mind, I have a dream of doing a beautiful scrapbook for each of my three children. Since that dream won't be a reality for a while, in the mean time I am doing photo books! I have ordered them from Shutterfly and Snapfish and was happy with the results from both companies. Simply upload your photos from your computer, memory card or camera and the company arranges them into a beautiful photo book for you. 

When my eight month old was born, we made him one. We also did one for Christmas and fall, highlighting all of the fun events that took place during that time. My children absolutely love looking through the photo books! You can also add text to each page to narrate your photos, as well as a title on the front page. There are also many different backgrounds and themes to choose from. If you don't like the order that the company puts your photos in, you can change it. You can also change the size of the photos, etc. I love how flexible they are; if you like the way the computer made it, you can't order it as is, but if not, you can change what you'd like.

Right now, Snapfish is running a crazy deal- buy two photo books and get one free! They can all be the same photo book (in case you want multiple copies to give to friends or family) or they can be different photo books (in case you have three different events that you want to make separate photo books for). Shipping is extra, but reasonable.

To get this deal, go to Snapfish and when you checkout enter the code: MYSUMMERBKS


  1. Oh my! I need to do this since I'm behind on child #4 scrapbook, but I saw the sale ends tomorrow on the 21st. I don't think that will give me enough time to get it done! Aaaaaaaaaaa! But it is a great deal for sure! :)

  2. I know- I wish I had found out about the sale earlier! They said they extended it so apparently it's been going on for a while. I may try to rush and do one, lol......this is such a deal and if you just click and upload the pics you want the company does most of the rest. Sometimes I just click all the pics and then leave the computer while they all upload into the photo book to cut down on time. I come back later and finish it.

  3. I just worked on my 3 albums all day and put in my order tonight! The total for all 3 came to $89.97, saved $59.98, so my total with S & H was $45.97! About $15/book is not bad! Thanks for letting us know about this sale! :)

  4. I took advantage of this deal and was so glad they extended it by a day! I got three albums done, and my total was right at 40and some change which included s&h. I also took advantage of their penny print sale to get a bunch of prints done on a deal they had the week before.

  5. I am so glad that you ladies were able to use it. I wish I had had the time to do it myself. Tracy, I love your idea about doing the photo books and then waiting to print them when a deal pops up. I'm going to make that my future goal!