Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelloggs Cereal for Ten Cents a Box!!!

I found a great sale this week on cereal and just yesterday had a chance to do it. It was at Lowes Foods and boy did I rack up. They had plenty in stock, too, so I didn't feel like I was doing the grocery store in.

The great thing about the sale is that there are several cereals to choose from- Rice Krispies, Cinnamon Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Crunchy Nut, Eggo Maple Cereal, and Cinnabon Cereal. Each was on sale for $2.50, which is already a great deal.

Then, Lowes was running a promo where if you bought four boxes ($10 worth), you would get $4 off automatically at the register, making them $6 for all four ($1.50 each). I love promos like that because they are so easy- no coupon needed!

On top of all that, I had coupons for $.70 off of one box of Kellogs cereal, from the newspaper a few weeks back. Lowes Foods doubles coupons everyday, so that $.70 off turns into $1.40 off, thus making each box only $.10!!!! I paid ten cents a box plus tax!!!!!

Since I had 28 coupons, I bought 28 boxes. Lowes Foods will only double four of the same coupon at a time, so I did 7 separate transactions- two last night and five today. The cashiers were very friendly and to my surprise said not many people had done this deal!

Even without the coupons, it's still a great deal on cereal. I checked prices at Walmart last night and their prices don't even come close to beating this deal. The same size cereal for Crunchy Nut was $2.98 and Eggo Maple Syrup was $2.50. Even if I had redeemed my $.70 off coupon for the Crunchy Nut, it would have been $2.28 at best, since Walmart will not double and since they do not run fun promos like $4 off your bill. I always like to point that out because so many people assume they are getting the best deal at WalMart. 

The grocery store sales change over tonight, so you still have time to get this deal today!

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