Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triple Coupon Trip #2

 Pictured: Fiber One Strawberry Bars, 4 boxes of Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes, 3 Boxes of Nature's Valley Granola Thins, Mahatma Rice, 2 Boxes of Muellers Whole Wheat Spaghetti, One Loaf of Sara Lee Iron Kids Bread, 4 Bananas, 4 Cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, 3 big Bags of Krunchers Potato Chips, 100 count Bounty Napkins, Chock Full o Nuts Can of Coffee, Fiber One Brownies, 2 Packages of Wholly Guacamole, 100 count Vanity Napkins

Since I can only triple 20 coupons per day, I went back today for my second triple coupon trip. I made out pretty well- spent $12.95 and saved $70.56.

A couple of notes about this trip: I took advantage of the General Mills promotion (on page 3 of the Harris Teeter ad), where you can get 50 bonus box tops by buying 8 of the listed products. I don't know if you care about box tops, but as a parent with a child in school, I do! Box Tops can be turned into the local schools where they redeem them for money for the school. 50 box tops is the equivalent of $5.00. So I got excited when I saw this promo.

As a bonus, almost everything listed on that page of items that qualify for the promo were on sale and had matching coupons! After tripling, many of the items ended up being less than $1. For example, the Fiber One Brownies were on sale for $2.50. I had a seventy-five cent coupon, which tripled to $2.25 off, making them only $.25! Theoretically, if you bought eight of those, it would cost you $2.00. Then at the register, you would get a $5.00 box top reward, making you $3.00! Now, truthfully, you're not supposed to be able to use more than three of the same coupon in one trip, so that shouldn't work but you could certainly buy other items that qualify for the promo that also end up being really inexpensive after triple coupon. I believe the Betty Crocker potatoes also count. They are on sale for $1.25 each and I had a coupon for $.50 off of two. After the coupon triples, it ends up being $1.00 for both boxes, or $.50 each. You only need to buy eight items to qualify and you can mix and match any items on the page. All of those matching coupons were in the recent Wilmington Sunday paper.

A couple of other deals that I liked were the Muellers Whole Grain Pasta, which is free after using the $.55 coupon. Also I paid only $.50 for the package of Bounty Napkins after using a $.25 coupon that tripled and also using a digital coupon from my EVIC page. The Krunchers chips (which I bought for my upcoming workshop), were on sale for $2.50. After a $.75 off coupon tripled, they only cost $.25!

There are so many great deals to be had this week! Please share with us any great deals that you find!

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