Sunday, November 18, 2012

CVS- $30+ Worth of FREE items and made $12!

Pictured: $30.56 worth of items. I paid $2.10  plus tax for them. After I paid, I got back $14.10 in Extrabucks for a future purchase! So, I made a total of  $12 after all was said and done. 

If you have not tried shopping at CVS, this is definitely the week to give it a shot! On pages 2-3 and page 24 of the CVS flyer, there are tons of FREE items. You first have to pay for the item but after paying you will receive the full amount you paid (not counting tax) back in the form of an Extrabuck. Extrabucks are like CVS money- you can immediately use them to pay for anything else in the store (except lotto, tobacco, stamps or alcohol). 

Extrabucks are attached to your receipt and look like this:

What made this trip so much fun is that I already had Extrabucks to start with. I had earned $10 Extrabucks last week doing a diaper deal at CVS. So, I was able to use all those Extrabucks to pay for my first set of items. After paying for those items, I received around $12 in Extrabucks that I then used to pay for my second set of items. After paying for my second set of items, I got back $14.10 in Extrabucks that I have in my binder right now. I am saving those for a future purchase at CVS!

I split my purchases so that I could use Extrabucks to pay for the second purchase instead of using my own money to buy everything

Transaction #1
First I bought these items. I used my $10 Extrabucks from last week to pay for them so I only paid $2.03 out of my pocket (most of which was tax). After paying, I was given $11.34 in Extrabucks, which I immediately took to pay for my second set of items.

Transaction #2

My second transaction was buying all of these. I only paid 1.61 out of pocket, most of which was tax. After paying, I got back $14.10 in Extrabucks to use on a future purchase!

A couple of items were moneymakers, meaning that I used a coupon to buy them, but still got back the full amount of the item's value. For example, the Glade Scented Oil Warmer was $1.25. I had a coupon for $1.00 off that I got from the Nov. 4th Sunday paper Smart Source. So, I only paid $.25. But, after paying, CVS gave me back the full $1.25 in Extrabucks. I made the amount of the coupon, which was $1.00! 

I also did this with the Children's Advil Suspension Drops. They were $2.37 and I had a $1.00 off coupon from here. After the coupon, I paid $1.37 but got back $2.37 in Extrabucks. There were other moneymakers, such as the Command Hooks (sale for $.99; use $1 coupon to make them free but get back $.99). However, I either couldn't find them in the store or they were already sold out. The clerk told me that people were there at 12:01 a.m.! Apparently, I arrived "late" at 7:30 a.m., lol....

Although some things were out, they had plenty of the Sparkle Paper Towel single rolls, the Hot Wheels Die Cast Cars, Powerade, Carmex Lip Balm, and Children's Advil 1 oz. 

You have until Wednesday night, November 21st to buy these deals. If items are out when you go, either get a raincheck (you'll get the sale price but will not earn an Extrabuck) or try back since they will be getting more items in.

Take a look at pages 2, 3 and 24 of the CVS flyer. Anything that has the big red FREE box on it means that it will be free after you pay and you can STILL use a coupon on them, too!
See the ad in your Sunday paper or 
click above to see the ad at Pages 2, 3 and 24 are the pages with all the free items.

Thanks to San Antonio Budget Examiner for first tipping me off to the sale and for some ideas of deals I could do!

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