Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey Talk

With Thanksgiving a week away, I wanted to post about turkey deals for those of you who still need to get a turkey. After reviewing the ads for the three main grocery stores in our area (Southeastern NC), it appears that you will get the best deal on turkey at either Food Lion or Lowes Foods. 

If you prefer Butterball turkeys, there is a $3.00 off a Butterball turkey coupon that you can use to get a great deal on Butterball turkey, too.

You get the best deal when you buy a frozen turkey so let's start with frozen turkey prices.

Frozen Turkey Prices 

Lowes Foods- Pay only $.47 per pound for a House of Raeford turkey when you spend $35 in the store (frozen turkey only)

Food Lion- Pay only $.47 per pound for a Jennie-O turkey when you spend $35 in the store (frozen turkey only)

Butterball Frozen Turkeys- $.87 per pound at Lowes Foods and $.99 per pound at Food Lion - Printable Coupon for $3 off

Harris Teeter also has Harris Teeter brand Frozen Turkeys for $.99 per pound, but for that price you could get a Butterball frozen Turkey at Lowes or Food Lion.

As you can see, the best deal if you need additional groceries is to get your turkey at Lowes or Food Lion. 

However, if you do not need to spend $35 additional dollars, a Butterball turkey from Lowes Foods is the next best deal, plus here is a coupon for $3 off a Butterball turkey when you buy 4 Green Giant Veggies, 4 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, 4 Betty Crocker Stuffing boxes or 4 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes. The veggies might be a good choice since they are currently on sale at Lowes Foods for B2G3 free and you could then use the $3 off coupon on your $.87 per pound turkey!

Keep in mind, though, that you have to pull a frozen turkey out to thaw in your refrigerator 2-4 days before Thanksgiving or else you'll be in a bind trying to de-thaw it at the last minute. Recommendation is to thaw for 1 day for every 5 pounds of turkey, so a 20 pound turkey would need to thaw approximately 4 days. Read other turkey safety and cooking tips here, courtesy of the federal food safety website.

Fresh Turkey Prices

Should you wait until the last minute, you may end up needing to buy a fresh turkey. I am not implying that the frozen turkeys are not fresh or new. In this case, fresh simply means, "already thawed." Fresh turkeys are more expensive than thawed turkeys since they are ready-to-cook and require no additional thawing.

Harris Teeter- Harris Teeter Brand for $1.29 per pound
Lowes Foods- Butterball Fresh Turkey for $1.37 per pound
Food Lion- Jennie-O brand for $1.39 per pound

So, it appears that the best place to get a fresh turkey would be Harris Teeter for $1.29 per pound OR to go to Lowes Foods and use this coupon for $3 off a Butterball turkey.

Other Thanksgiving Deal Prices:

Food Lion:

Buy 6 cans of Green Giant Canned Veggies for $.69 each and get French's Fried Onions and Cream of Mushroom Soup FREE *There is also a $1 off coupon for the Onions, so total spent is $3.14 for everything

Bonus coupon in sales flyer this week only for $5 off $30 or more in party trays, good through Jan. 1st (cut and save for later)

Harris Teeter:

Lots of B1G1 free on McCormick Seasoning, Spices and Gravy Mix
B1G1 Free Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pies and Cream of Chicken Soups
Sister Schubert's Rolls for only $1 (after using a $.75 coupon that doubles)
Stove Top Stuffing only $.49 each (after $1.00 printable coupon)
Coke Product 12 pack cans- Buy 2 get 3 free (comes out to $2.55 each, although they are $2.50 each at CVS)
Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soups only $.35 each when you buy 3 and use the $.40 off 3 coupon printed online

Lowes Foods:

Betty Crocker Potatoes are only $.50 a box when you buy 2 and use $.50 off 2 coupon
Sweet Potatoes are $.27 per pound (for those who want to make a pie from scratch)!
Dixie Light Brown Sugar is only $.35 after coupon or $.10 at Lowes Foods Leland
Cool Whip is only $.49 after $1.00 off coupon when you buy 2

What Thanksgiving deals do you see?

Remember that these prices are good through Thanksgiving Day, on Thursday night. The weekly ad is always extended two days during the week of Thanksgiving.

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