Monday, November 5, 2012

My Super Double Coupons Trip #3

I paid $25.73 for everything, down from $105.17!

I made it again Sunday to Super Doubles! Since my policy is to try not to take the kids with me to the store, the weekend is really my best time to shop since my husband can be on kid duty while I run out.

See my other trips here at Super Double Deals Trip #1 and here at Super Double Deals Trip #2. 

This was another great trip. Pre-coupon total was $105.17 and I paid $25.73. See the breakdown of my deals below and you still have time to get in for more Super Doubles trips since it ends Tuesday night!

 I got the V8 Smoothie coupons from the 10/14 Smart Source

$1.00 Items
 The Chex coupons were printed from my website coupon center. The Pepperdige Farms Jingos cracker coupons came from the Sunday paper (they are so good)!

CHEAPIES (Under $1.00)
*The stove top is $.25 a box (printable from my website to the left) and the sugar is EVIC special $.87 for a big bag (use $.55 coupon from yesterday's Sunday paper Smart Source)

COFFEE Deals- paid $10.97 for 30.43 worth of coffee!
*The Barista K-Cups are an awesome deal. I had a $1.50 coupon from the Sunday paper and it made the K-Cups only $2.99. I paid $3.99 for the Caribou and $3.99 for the Starbucks after $1.50 coupon from the Sunday paper. There are Barista coupons available online if you didn't get the Sunday paper.

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