Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creating Couponing Routines

Sometimes people say they are too busy to coupon. I can certainly understand that people have busy schedules! I myself work part time and raise my three young children, so I don't have tons of time to dedicate to couponing, either!

However, knowing how much money I save by couponing, I have to figure out ways to incorporate it into my life. One of my recommendations is to figure out how to create couponing routines. In other words, how can I add couponing activities into my day-to-day life so that the couponing doesn't completely disrupt my busy schedule.

One routine I have is getting up every Sunday morning to go get the Sunday paper from my local Kangaroo gas station. Because I buy the Raleigh News and Observer, I cannot get it delivered to my home; I have to go pick it up.

So, what I decided to do was get up each Sunday morning and get the paper and while I'm at the gas station, I go ahead and fill up my car with gas for the week. I have really enjoyed this routine, as prior to starting to do this, I sometimes found myself low on gas throughout the week. Inevitably, I would be low on gas on my way to work or some other function. I love how now I never find myself rushing to get gas because my tank is pre-filled for the week. Often I will go grocery shopping while I'm out on Sunday morning getting my paper and gas, since I'm already out and the grocery store is usually nice and quiet Sunday mornings.

A friend of mine picks up her Sunday paper on the way to church.

Another idea for a routine would be something like coupon clipping with your children. My four year old loves to cut coupons! I imagine that older children would as well. You could do a weekly coupon clipping party with your child and let him/her help you.

If you have a couponing friend, maybe the two of you could get together once a week or every other week to trade deals and clip coupons together.

Maybe you could upload your digital coupons each month when you pay your power bill. This way, you always have coupons loaded onto your savings cards each month.

Try organizing or filing coupons in your binder while watching your favorite TV show. I've done this while watching a movie with my husband. I can't say that he's always thrilled splitting my attention between the movie and the coupons, but he IS always thrilled with the savings I bring home each week!

What other routines could you incorporate couponing into?


  1. Great ideas Delly! :) I must say you are brave to let your kids cut your coupons for you! I think mine might cut off the bar codes :/ LOL!

  2. I have also heard it is best to fill up your tank early in the morning too - don't know if it is negligible or not but something about less of the gas evaporates because it isn't so hot. I love a 2-fer!!!