Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free Toothpaste at Food Lion Through Sunday!

Shannon, who took my workshop a week ago, e-mailed me with a tip for a great deal on toothpaste this weekend at Food Lion.

Food Lion is having a three day sale (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for Crest Toothpaste for $1.50. There was a $.75 off coupon in the June 4th P&G insert, taking the toothpaste down to $.75. 

It gets even better, though! Food Lion has digital coupons available on their website, where you can click and upload the coupon directly to your MVP card. There is also a digital coupon available for Crest for $.75, making the toothpaste FREE! (Remember, you CAN combine a digital coupon with a paper coupon).

It get even better still.....Shannon pointed out to me that she picked a box that had a bonus tube of toothpaste on the top AND inside there were $10 worth of coupons! What a great deal!

I did want to note that I tried this deal and for some reason, the digital coupon did not come off my total as it should have. I consulted with the manager, who had no idea what happened. I plan to return tomorrow to see if I can get the deal to work, but honestly, even if it doesn't, it's still a good deal to pay $.75 for the toothpaste (plus tax). 

Thanks Shannon for the great tip!

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