Friday, June 10, 2011

Great Deal on Toilet Paper Saturday at Harris Teeter (EVIC)

People often ask how do I save on toilet paper or paper towels. The answer depends on how much work you want to do. If you're feeling courageous, do drug store deals. These are kind of long and complicated, but you can leave with a nice amount of free paper products.

The easy choice (my preferred method) is to wait for it to go on sale at Harris Teeter! About once a month Harris Teeter puts either toilet paper or paper towels on sale at a really good price. I get enough to last me about a month, which is when they will do another sale all over again just in time!

Tomorrow Harris Teeter is having a sale on Charmin Toilet Paper. It is an EVIC Saturday sale, so you have to go get it tomorrow and you have to already be signed up for EVIC to get the awesome price. To sign up for EVIC, go to Harris Teeter's website and click the link (top left corner). You will need your VIC card because you'll have to enter the numbers that are located on the back.

Once you are an EVIC member, you will be eligible for the awesome EVIC prices that Harris Teeter offers each Friday. Tomorrow the Charmin Toilet paper goes on sale for $4.97 (12 BIG rolls= 24 smaller rolls). I have a $1 off coupon from my Proctor and Gamble booklet that came in the mail, but there was also a coupon in the P&G Sunday Paper insert from June 4th. I think it was for $.25 off which will double to $.50 off at Harris Teeter. That brings the cost down to $3.97 or $4.47. Even better, you can go to your e-mail and access the Harris Teeter digital coupons (they call this EVIC coupons) and click the Charmin coupon to save an additional $.25, making the total $3.72 or $4.22. You can buy two packs at this price.

Also, I should mention that Food Lion is also having a three day sale, with the toilet paper costing the same (well, almost- $4.99) as at Harris Teeter. However, Food Lion will not double your coupon, nor was there a Charmin digital coupon, so I do think the deal is a little better at Harris Teeter. I did see $5.99 Bounty Paper Towels as part of the Food Lion sale this weekend, so with my $1 off coupon that will be $4.99, which isn't bad., but of course the price is the same at Harris Teeter, so I will probably just get them there.

Let me know if you see any better prices this week on your paper products!

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