Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buy Groceries; Earn a FREE Personalized Lawn Chair and Towel!

I love these promos that Proctor and Gamble does ever so often. The promos require you to buy usually $30 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and in return, you earn a free gift or gift card or money off. Normally, the bonus that you receive is fairly generous and definitely worth the effort, especially if you needed the products anyway.

This week's promo is a little random but I like it! You can do it at either Harris Teeter or Lowes Foods. Buy $30 worth of P&G products and get a free, customized spectator chair (lawn chair) and fleece blanket! They will even pay the shipping for you. The shipping, customization, chair and blanket alone are worth $35 so I think it's great that you can earn them by simply purchasing your groceries.

I would not advocate that you over pay for items just to earn a free chair, but many of these items are on sale anyways PLUS there are matching coupons both from the P&G insert in the Sunday paper and in your Harris Teeter EVIC coupons e-mail. By the time you use the sales plus both types of coupons, you get a pretty good deal on your groceries PLUS you earn the free gift.

Even better is that as long as the sales prices total at least $30, it doesn't matter what coupons you use; you will still earn the prize! So in the end, you don't really end up paying $30 if you add in coupons.

The gift will print out as a catalina coupon at register, and you then have to mail it off to Proctor and Gamble along with your original receipt. So, save both and my advice is to do it right away! You know how it goes with rebates- if you put it off you may forget later and these don't give you a very long window to mail them in.

As to which store it's best to do the promo, I'm not sure. Both are running sales on P&G products this week; I found good prices at both stores. However, Harris Teeter does offer lots of additional P&G coupons via EVIC digital coupons which could make it a little more advantageous to buy at Harris Teeter. Also, I'd wait for the Saturday specials to see if any P&G products go on Saturday special, too.

Let me know if you get this promo this week and what combination of products you buy to get it!

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