Sunday, June 24, 2012

Star News Vs. News and Observer

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This week I found both a Red Plum and a Smart Source in each city's newspaper. Let's take a look at which newspaper had the best coupons.

This week I found a Red Plum and a Smart Source insert in both the Raleigh and Wilmington paper. Let's take a look to see specifically which coupons came in each newspaper.

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Smart Source Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Wonderful pistachios, Barilla Pasta, Wholly Salsa, Reynolds Wrap, Butterball Turkey Sausage, Bacon, Chicken Strips or Lunchmeat, Butterball Turkey Burgers, Blue Dog and Car Food and Litter, Schick Intuition Razor or Refill, Schick Quattro for Women, Fiber One Bars or Brownies, General Mills Cereals, General Mills Cereal Bars, Fruit Snacks or Roll-Ups, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Marie Callender's Frozen Dessert Pie, V8 Fusion Juice or V-Fusion Tea, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Hellmann's, Cowboy Steaks Dog Treats, Purina Friskies Brand Cat Treats, POM, Schick Disposable Razors, Outback Steakhouse, French's Onions, French's Mustard, Zegerid, Coppertone, Planters Peanut Products, Dole Pineapple Cans, Skinny Water, Lipton Recipe Secrets, Knoor Recipe/Sauce/Gravy Mix, Hormel Premium Canned Chicken Breast, Tabasco Sauce, Raid, Boston Market Restaurant, Dole Frozen Fruit, Dole Fruit Shakers, Heinz Vinegar, Treasure Cave Cheese Products, Aleve, Springer Mountain Farms Fresh Chicken, Mayfield Ice Cream, Hershey's Honey Maid Grahams, Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Skintimate Shave Gel or Cream, Schick Quattro for Women, Pantene, Palmolive, One a Day, Cortizone, Cortizone, Schick Quattro Titanium Refill, Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razor, Mitchum, Sorrento Cheese, Dr. Pepper 2- Liters or 12-packs, Farmhouse Cage-Free Hen Eggs, Lubriderm, TruBiotics, Mt. Olive Pickles or Peppers, Sensibles Plates, OFF Products, Bayer, Wisk, Clorox Stain Fighter, Snuggle Products, Hartz Groomers Best Shampoo for Dogs, Ajax

As you can see, Raleigh did have more coupons (black); however, Wilmington had a fair amount of coupons that were also included in the Raleigh paper (blue). Also, there were a couple of products that were only in the Wilmington paper this time (red). If you really want the Clorox, Wisk, Snuggle or Hartz Shampoo for dogs, you should also buy the Wilmington Paper. If you do not care for those coupons, the Raleigh paper will do, since it had all the other coupons in it and more.

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 Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Honeybaked Ham Store Coupons, Olay Body Wash, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, Axe Shower Gel or Detailer, Pond's Cream, Towelettes or Cleansing Products, Ponds Wet Towelettes, Tums, Garnier Fructis, Neutrogena, Kibbles n Bits, Snausages or Snaw Somes Dog Snacks, Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats, Good n Natural Bars, Hamover Baked Beans, Land o Frost, Sandwich Meat or Sub Kits, Loreal Shades of Excellence, Luigis Italian Ice or Frozen Novelty Products, Dogster's Ice Cream for Dogs, Vanity Fair Napkins, Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps, Pop Tarts, Kelloggs, Brawny Paper Towels, Dean's Heat n Dip, Deans Dips, Domino Light Sugar Products, Kroger Vitamins Coupons, Hardees Coupons, Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, Dermasilk

As you can see, the Wilmington Red Plum was fairly lacking. It had about half the coupons as the Raleigh Red Plum and only contained one coupon that wasn't found in the Raleigh paper- the Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls.

I was impressed with the selection of coupons. I bought two Raleigh papers and one Wilmington paper.

Note: It is Super Doubles week at Harris Teeter and I found many $2 and under that will double through Tuesday night! A couple that caught my eye are the Brawny paper towels (on sale this week at HT and they will be $3.77 after coupon), Deans Dips (free, I think), and Lubriderm Lotion ($2 off will double to $4 off). There may well be many others; I'm going to go shopping today and will let you know if I find some great deals!

Until next week......! 

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