Sunday, July 29, 2012

CVS Diaper Sale- Less than Sam's Club!

For those like me who have to buy diapers, I wanted to alert you to a diaper sale at CVS. When I did the math using coupons, the Pampers diapers, my personal favorites, turned out to be 16 cents per diaper while the Sam's Club price for the same size and brand is 23 cents per diaper. That's a difference of 7 cents per diaper. That's a difference of $7 for 100 diapers!!!! Not to mention that you have to PAY for a Sam's Club membership, too.

So......this is how the transaction goes:

Buy 1 Box of Pampers Diapers from CVS for $24.49
(I prefer Baby Dry Size 4, 96 count right now)

Then use:

$1.50 off coupon from the 7/29 Proctor and Gamble insert in the Sunday paper
$4.00 off coupon from scanning your card at the CVS coupon center (not everyone is guaranteed to get this coupon but many of you will)

Pay: 18.99 out of pocket for the box of diapers

After paying, CVS will give you back $3.00 in Extrabucks to use on your next purchase. If you count the Extrabucks, it's like you paid $15.99, which makes them 16 cents per diaper!

What if you don't use the $4 off coupon from the CVS machine; let's say you don't get that coupon. If you use your Sunday paper coupon and count the Extrabucks, you still pay 20 cents per diaper which is STILL less than the Sams Club price at 23 cents.

This is just another example of how the big box stores are not the best deal and especially not if you use coupons and store promos! IF you bought on average 100 diapers a month at Sam's Club versus taking advantage of these store promos and coupons, you would overspend on diapers by $84 a year!

You have until Saturday, August 4th to get this great deal!

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