Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lowes Foods grocery stores have once again decided to grace us with their Super Double Coupons program! For an entire week, starting Wednesday, July 25th and ending Tuesday, July 31st, all Lowes Foods stores will be doubling coupons that have a face value of $1.98 or less.

This means that $1.00 coupons will double to $2.00 off, $1.50 will double to $3.00 off and if you happen to have a $1.98 coupon (thought I have never seen one), it would double to $3.96 off. You can double up to 20 coupons per transaction. 

Keep in mind that, per their couponing policy, most Lowes Foods will not allow you to split orders and do multiple transactions during the week of Super Doubles. See their official coupon policy here. I encourage everyone to be respectful couponers and to abide by the rules and accept them as stated. It is my opinion that if you disagree with a policy, it's a great idea to contact customer service or corporate, rather than take it out on the cashier.

Please share your great deals below or on the Delly's Deals Facebook Page. Here's to a week of great deals and happy shopping!

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