Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lowes Foods Gas Rewards

This week if you buy select Proctor and Gamble Products from Lowes Foods, you can earn bonus fuel rewards. These are easy to redeem at Wilco/Hess; you simply insert your Lowes Foods card before you pump and the price on your gas will come down.

Normally, you earn 5 cents for every $100 you spend. However, you can also earn additional fuel rewards by buying select products that are highlighted in their flyer.

Through Tuesday,  you will earn 5 cents off per gallon if you buy:
Duracell, Cascade Action packs or Tabs, Bounce, Downy, Bounty 8 or 6 roll, Charmin 12 big rolls or 6 mega rolls, Crest 4-6.2 oz, Gillete, Secret or Old Spice and Select Pantene Products.

You will earn 10 cents off per gallon if you buy:

Tide 100 ounce liquid.

The ad says that you can buy as many deals as you want, so I presume you could earn up to 45 cents off per gallon if you bought them all. I haven't tried this, but it's certainly intriguing.

In addition, you can use coupons on the above items to help bring down your cost, too and you will still earn the fuel rewards. This is a great deal.

Finally, use to find the cheapest prices on gas in your area. It's really easy- just type in the zip code. There is even a gas buddy app that you can download to your smart phone and use. My husband uses it all the time since he drives a lot and he says it's really easy and nice.

How neat that we can save money on gas simply by buying groceries!

Favorite Deals this Week

I didn't do too much shopping this week, as think I needed to recover some from last week's Super Doubles event at Harris Teeter.

I did, however, find some great deals! Overall, there are many sales related to cooking out/Fourth of July and I did have a few coupons to match. Here's some of what I bought:

Baby Back Ribs- 1/2 off at Harris Teeter (I got a $21 rack of ribs for only $10 and change!) This is a great item to stock up on and buy a couple of racks because you save between $10-$12 per rack.

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad- I paid $.50 per box. It's on sale at Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods for $1.00 per box. Use $.50 off 2 (doubles to $1.00) off and they become only $.50 each! Print the coupon from my coupon center on the left.

Heinz Ketchup- $1.74 for 40 oz at Lowes Foods (best price) $2.00 at Food Lion or Harris Teeter for 40 oz.

Fresh Corn - $.25 per ear at Harris Teeter OR $.33 per ear at Food Lion and Lowes Foods. Great prices!

Egglands Best Eggs- I had EVIC special for 18 count for only $1.97. After $.35 coupon doubled, I paid $1.27 for 18 eggs!

Lays Chips- Buy 2 Get 3 free from Harris Teeter. I used two $.55 off coupon from These may or may not double, as they say "Do not double."

Oscar Meyer Hotdogs- Buy 2 get 3 free at Harris Teeter

BBQ Sauce, Condiments, Plates, cups, charcoal, trash bags (Glad), Insect Repellent- all of these types of items are on sale right now, so stock up if you see a good deal and have coupons, too!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #3- Paid $24.30 for $96.82 worth of groceries!

Pictured: 2 40-count Sensibles plates, 3 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles, 2 100-count Vanity Napkins, 6 boxes of Mueller's Noodles, Pampers Diapers Size 4, 31 count, 2 Garland Jacks BBQ Sauces, 5 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauces, 2 Bags of Grande Tortilla Chips, 1 Pack of Ground Pork, 1 Pack of Ground Beef, 2 Big cans of Hanover Baked Beans, 6 Pack Brawny Paper Towels, All for only $24.30!
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On Monday I did my third Super Doubles trip. I thought I would post it just in case someone is making a last-minute run this evening.

In the end I paid $24.30 for 96.82 worth of items. My favorite deal, was the Sensibles plates. They were on sale for B1G1, and after my $.55 off coupon from the Sunday, June 24th Smart Source, I paid $.30 for a pack of 40! That was awesome and it's actually a deal that may come around again later, since the $.55 coupons always double.

See the rest of my deals below:

 Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

Brawny Paper Towels 6-8 rolls

On sale for $5.77. I used a $1.00 EVIC digital coupon plus a $1.00 paper coupon that doubled. Total- $2.77! Awesome deal!

Hanover Baked Beans

$1.25 each; Bought two for $2.50, used $1.00 off 2 coupon that doubled, so each can ended up being $.25! These are originally $1.99 each, so that was a great deal, especially if you're having a cookout!

Vanity Fair Napkins

2 for $5.00. After using 2 $.55 off coupons that both doubled plus a digital coupon for $1.00 off, I paid $.90 per pack. Not too bad for a big pack.

Ground Beef-  

1.36 for a pound and a half. Regular price was $4.36. I used the coupon that said $1.50 off ground beef when you buy two bags of Grande Tortilla chips. Since I love those chips anyway, I figured I might as well get the beef and freeze it.

BBQ Sauce KC Masterpiece

FREE after $1.00 off 2 coupons

Cocoa Pebbles

$.90 each after coupons PLUS earned a $2.00 off Catalina that will double to $4.00 off

Ground Pork

FREE after $2.00 off coupon doubled

Mueller's Pasta Noodles

$.45 per box after $.55 off 2 coupon

Sensibles Plates

$.30 per pack of 40 after $.55 off coupon doubled.

Pampers Diapers Size 4, 31 Count

$6.49 after $2.00 off coupon doubled (20 cents per diaper). Not the best price but still better than Sams Club prices (23 cents per diaper)!

What last minute deals will you go for?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Double Coupons Trip #2- Paid $34.72 for $123.60 of groceries!

 All this for only $34.72! Pictured: 5 12-pack Pepsi Products, 6 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauces, 2 Small Dean's Dips, 2 Large Dean's French Onion Dips, 2 Garland Jacks BBQ Sauces, 2 Smithfield Ground Pork Packages, 2 Lubriderm Lotions, 4 1/2 Gallons of Silk Almond Milk, 3 Boxes of Fruity Pebbles, 1 Raid Bug Barrier Max, 1 Sorrento Riccotta Cheese

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I went shopping today and used another twenty coupons at Harris Teeter. Actually, I used 21, but the 21st coupon was $3.00 and did not double. My first twenty doubled and I ended up saving about 72%! Some of the items that I purchased were expensive, such as the Lubriderm Lotion and the Raid Bug Barrier Max, but I had coupons to really help bring the total down.

My total was $34.72, down from $123.60.

Some of my favorite deals were:

FREE Smithfield Ground Pork- I couldn't believe it. Thanks to Mandy P. for the heads up. Originally $3.99, after $2.00 off coupon from newspaper doubled, it was free. I got two packs!

Dean's Dip- FREE. On sale for $1.00, had $1.00 off 2 coupon that doubled, so both were free.

KC Masterpiece- I am stocking up on these. $1.00 each on sale; after coupon for $1.00 off 2 doubles, both are free!

Garland Jack's- Had a B1G1 free EVIC digital coupon and a $1.00 off 2 coupon. I bought two for $2.50 and then my $1.00 off 2 coupon doubled to $2.00 off, so I got both for $.25 each!

Lubriderm- This was my most expensive item but it's the only lotion my daughter can use. Normally it's $8.65 each but it was on sale for $7.99. I had a $2.00 off coupon that doubled to $4.00 off, so that made it $3.99. I was really happy with that price and bought two bottles.

12 pack Pepsi Products- I had a hard time with this one as I try not to buy sodas. HOWEVER, we are hosting a 4th of July Cookout and I wanted to have a variety of drinks to serve. This was a great deal so I went for it. Harris Teeter is running a Buy 2 Get 3 FREE sale on Pepsi 12 packs (any flavors including Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist, Crush, Dr. Pepper, etc.). So, I bought 2 for $6.39 each, which was $12.78. I then used 2 coupons from today's paper for Dr. Pepper, each being $1.00 off. Both doubled, saving me $4 in coupons. Total was $8.78 for 5 12-packs! That's $.14 per can. I was super excited about that!

Fruity Pebbles- $.23 each. On sale for $2.00; after $.55 coupon doubled, it was $.90. I got back $2 in Catalinas to use on my next order, so counting that they were $.23 each.

I think this Super Doubles event has been awesome. I've found lots of great deals. How about you?

Star News Vs. News and Observer

Good morning!

This week I found both a Red Plum and a Smart Source in each city's newspaper. Let's take a look at which newspaper had the best coupons.

This week I found a Red Plum and a Smart Source insert in both the Raleigh and Wilmington paper. Let's take a look to see specifically which coupons came in each newspaper.

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Smart Source Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Wonderful pistachios, Barilla Pasta, Wholly Salsa, Reynolds Wrap, Butterball Turkey Sausage, Bacon, Chicken Strips or Lunchmeat, Butterball Turkey Burgers, Blue Dog and Car Food and Litter, Schick Intuition Razor or Refill, Schick Quattro for Women, Fiber One Bars or Brownies, General Mills Cereals, General Mills Cereal Bars, Fruit Snacks or Roll-Ups, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Marie Callender's Frozen Dessert Pie, V8 Fusion Juice or V-Fusion Tea, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Hellmann's, Cowboy Steaks Dog Treats, Purina Friskies Brand Cat Treats, POM, Schick Disposable Razors, Outback Steakhouse, French's Onions, French's Mustard, Zegerid, Coppertone, Planters Peanut Products, Dole Pineapple Cans, Skinny Water, Lipton Recipe Secrets, Knoor Recipe/Sauce/Gravy Mix, Hormel Premium Canned Chicken Breast, Tabasco Sauce, Raid, Boston Market Restaurant, Dole Frozen Fruit, Dole Fruit Shakers, Heinz Vinegar, Treasure Cave Cheese Products, Aleve, Springer Mountain Farms Fresh Chicken, Mayfield Ice Cream, Hershey's Honey Maid Grahams, Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Skintimate Shave Gel or Cream, Schick Quattro for Women, Pantene, Palmolive, One a Day, Cortizone, Cortizone, Schick Quattro Titanium Refill, Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razor, Mitchum, Sorrento Cheese, Dr. Pepper 2- Liters or 12-packs, Farmhouse Cage-Free Hen Eggs, Lubriderm, TruBiotics, Mt. Olive Pickles or Peppers, Sensibles Plates, OFF Products, Bayer, Wisk, Clorox Stain Fighter, Snuggle Products, Hartz Groomers Best Shampoo for Dogs, Ajax

As you can see, Raleigh did have more coupons (black); however, Wilmington had a fair amount of coupons that were also included in the Raleigh paper (blue). Also, there were a couple of products that were only in the Wilmington paper this time (red). If you really want the Clorox, Wisk, Snuggle or Hartz Shampoo for dogs, you should also buy the Wilmington Paper. If you do not care for those coupons, the Raleigh paper will do, since it had all the other coupons in it and more.

 Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!
 Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Honeybaked Ham Store Coupons, Olay Body Wash, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, Axe Shower Gel or Detailer, Pond's Cream, Towelettes or Cleansing Products, Ponds Wet Towelettes, Tums, Garnier Fructis, Neutrogena, Kibbles n Bits, Snausages or Snaw Somes Dog Snacks, Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats, Good n Natural Bars, Hamover Baked Beans, Land o Frost, Sandwich Meat or Sub Kits, Loreal Shades of Excellence, Luigis Italian Ice or Frozen Novelty Products, Dogster's Ice Cream for Dogs, Vanity Fair Napkins, Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps, Pop Tarts, Kelloggs, Brawny Paper Towels, Dean's Heat n Dip, Deans Dips, Domino Light Sugar Products, Kroger Vitamins Coupons, Hardees Coupons, Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, Dermasilk

As you can see, the Wilmington Red Plum was fairly lacking. It had about half the coupons as the Raleigh Red Plum and only contained one coupon that wasn't found in the Raleigh paper- the Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls.

I was impressed with the selection of coupons. I bought two Raleigh papers and one Wilmington paper.

Note: It is Super Doubles week at Harris Teeter and I found many $2 and under that will double through Tuesday night! A couple that caught my eye are the Brawny paper towels (on sale this week at HT and they will be $3.77 after coupon), Deans Dips (free, I think), and Lubriderm Lotion ($2 off will double to $4 off). There may well be many others; I'm going to go shopping today and will let you know if I find some great deals!

Until next week......! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Delly's Delicious and Easy Crockpot Chicken!

I want to share a simple and easy recipe that you will love! I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and have since made it several times for my family as well as taken some to a cookout. It was such a hit at the cookout! People kept telling me how moist and flavorful the chicken was and I loved it because it really is easy. I can't take credit for making it up- many people recommended it online and I'm sure there are many who already cook chicken this way.

It's crockpot BBQ Chicken and all you need is chicken, Coke or Dr. Pepper, and your favorite BBQ sauce. And there's the crockpot, of course :)

Simply place your choice of chicken into the crockpot. I use bone-in but you can also do it with boneless tenderloins or breast tenders but just make sure you cook those for less time. Add a 1/2 cup of dark soda (I used Dr. Pepper the first time I did it because it was all we had). Then add 1-2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce to cover the chicken. I'm sure you could experiment with adding other sauces for flavor, but so far it's been good for me with just BBQ sauce.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours (cook for less time if using boneless chicken). You can check the chicken and take it out when it's tender enough for you. I did chicken legs and thighs for 7 hours and the meat was literally falling off the bone! If you don't like it this tender, then you can take it off sooner.

Optional: Broil chicken in oven for a few minutes to crisp it. OR place on grill for a few minutes to crisp the skin and give it that nice grilled flavor.

By the way, this week, Holly Farms chicken legs and thighs are on sale at Food Lion for $.99 per pound. I also think I saw some on sale at Harris Teeter, too. 

Also, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce is on sale at Harris Teeter this week and if you use a $1.00 off 2 coupon, the coupon will doubled making both BBQ sauce bottles free!

With those prices, this is a meal that everyone will love and it won't break the bank!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Doubles Trip #1- $17.12 for $100.98 of Groceries!

 $100.98 worth of groceries for $17.12! Paid less than $1 for most items. Read the details below!
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I did my first Super Doubles trip of the week at Harris Teeter this morning and I was very happy with the deals that I found. In my opinion, the freebies were few, but I found many items for $1.00 or less. In addition, this time I focused on buying things that my family really needed or wanted, rather than just grabbing things that were cheap or free (I mean, really, how many bottles of free mustard or Worcheshire sauce do you need?).

In the end I paid $24.12 out of pocket. Before coupons or discounts, the total was $100.98. After EVIC discounts came off, it came down to $62.49. This is what most people would have paid had they simply bought on sale. But I added my coupons and brought the total down to $24.12. After paying, I got back $7.00 in bonus money to use on my next shopping trip off anything that I want! That was truly an unexpected surprise and I will explain how it happened in a moment. If you count the bonus money, I paid $17.12 for over $100 of groceries. I was VERY happy with that!

Check out the details of what I did and some of my favorite deals below!  

Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce- ALL FREE! $1.00 sale plus $1.00 off 2 coupons that doubled= FREE! Regular price- $2.29 each

Simply Potatoes All Natural Hasbrowns and Potatoes- B1G1 Free made them $1.19 each. After $1.00 off 2 coupon they were $.19 each! Regular price is $2.39 each.

8th Continent Soymilk- Sale for $2.97, after $1.00 off coupon doubled, I paid $.97. Regular Price is $3.49.

Silk Pure Almond Milk- Sale for $3.00, after $1.00 off coupon doubled, I paid $1.00 each! Regular Price is $3.45 each.

Fruity Pebbles- Sale for $2.00. After $.55 coupon doubled, I paid $.90 each, PLUS got back a $4 and $2 off my next order coupons from Post! Not sure why I got the $4.00 off coupon, but the $2 coupon is from a promo they're running right now. Counting the $2 money back, I paid $.23 each! Regular price is $3.19.

Mardi Gras Napkins- sale for $1.99. After $.55 coupon, I paid $.89. Regular price is $2.99 each.

Calfornia Pizzas- on sale for $3.99 each. After $1.00 off coupon doubled, I paid $1.99 each! Regular price is $6.89! I also got back a $1.00 off my next order Catalina coupon to spend next time on anything I want.

Brawny 6 BIG Rolls- Sale for $5.77; after $1.00 coupon doubled, I paid $3.77. Regular price is $11.99!

Ritz Crackers- B1G1 sale made them $1.79 each. After $1.00 off 2 coupon doubled, I paid $.80 each! Regular price is $3.59 each!

Hidden Valley Ranch- on sale for $3.29 each. After $1.00 off coupon doubled, I paid $1.29. Regular price is $3.69!

Oreos- on sale for $2.99 each. After $1.00 off coupon doubled, I paid $.99 each! Regular price is $3.89 each! Thanks to Ruth, another super couponer who I ran into inside of the store. She gave me these $1.00 off coupons that she had found in the store over a year ago!

Yosicle yogurt popsicles- $4.25. After my $1.00 off coupon doubled, they became $2.25. This was the most expensive item that I bought but I really wanted to try them and I felt that $2.25 wasn't a bad price. It was at least 50% off, which is my general rule of thumb- to save at least that!

These are all of the Catalina coupons that I got back. These are actual dollars off that I can spend on my next purchase!

Share your Super Doubles deals this week on the Delly's Deals FB page to have a chance to win a prize!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Double Coupons Starts Tomorrow!

It's back again! Are you ready for a week of SUPER Savings? Get ready because tomorrow (Wed. June 20th) Harris Teeter will be starting Super Double Coupons Week! It will last until Tuesday night, June 26th until 11:59 p.m.

Super Doubles means that Harris Teeter will double all coupons $2 and under. This is a change from the past. In the past, $2 coupons did not double but I'm hearing from several sources that this time they plan to double even the $2 coupons. This means that $1.00 doubles to $2.00 off, $1.50 doubles to $3.00 off, and $2 doubles to $4 off! Just imagine the savings, especially if you couple those coupons with the item being on sale!

Keep in mind that you can only double 20 coupons per day; the 21st coupon and beyond will not double, so if you need to double more you will need to come back the following day. This is tracked by your VIC card, so going to another store to double more coupons will not work.

I suggest pulling any coupons that interest you that may double now. Also, don't forget to check your Harris Teeter EVIC email and click "EVIC Coupons" at the top (big red button) so that you can click on any digital coupons, as they will also come off your total, even if you use a paper coupon on the item as well. Check out my post "How I Prepare for Super Double Coupons Week" to see how I normally get ready.

Finally, some people on the Delly's Deals Facebook page are telling me that they have been getting the $10 off $50 purchase coupons in the postal mail from Harris Teeter. These are AWESOME! If you are lucky enough to get them, definitely use them on top of your coupons. If Lowes Foods sends you $10 off coupons, know that you can use those at Harris Teeter, too.

Be sure to post on the Delly's Deals Facebook page this week and share your savings!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good morning! Well, if you haven't already noticed, I did not do the weekly review this morning because I am out of town on vacation. I did not have access to either newspaper today. Even I have to take a break from couponing sometimes :)

I will be back at it tomorrow and on schedule for the weekly newspaper review next Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Lion's 3-Day Sale

I love it when Food Lion does the three day sales. They usually do it once or twice a month and we haven't seen one in a while but this weekend there are some great bargains. The three day sales last Friday-Sunday, so you have plenty of time to drop by and grab the deals.

Keep in mind that at Food Lion you can apply paper manufacturer's coupons, plus Food Lion store coupons, either printed online at or by scanning your card at the coupon center inside of the store.

Below is a list of the three day sale items (I am using a flyer from Oxford, NC, so hopefully it's the same everywhere).

Gain- $3.99 (Go to to find a $1.00 digital coupon that you can download to your MVP card to make it only $2.99, an AWESOME deal). Also, check the savings center inside the store for additional coupons.

Gain Fabric Softener- $3.99

Charmin (6 Mega, 12 Double, 16 Basic)- $5.99

Bounty (6 big rolls)- $5.99

Crest 6.4 oz- 1.00

Ivory 2 pack- $1.00

Herbal Essence Products 6-17 oz- $2.50

I hope you find some great deals at Food Lion this weekend. If you do, be sure to share with me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bigger not always Better

It's funny how what people consider to be "common  knowledge" isn't always correct. Big box stores like Sams Club and Walmart seemed to have programmed people into believing that buying the bigger size is always a better deal.

Time after time, I have found that the bigger sizes of household products tend to be no better deal than the smaller size. It seems that with the bigger sizes, people are simply getting more at a time, but not necessarily at a lower price. 

On some occasions, especially if the smaller size is on sale, the bigger size actually costs MORE! Take a look at the example below. This was taken at Food Lion on June 11, 2012:

The price on the 20 count Cascade is $3.99. The price on the 60 count Cascade is $14.19. If I bought three of the 20 count Cascade, cost would have been $11.97. That is certainly less than $14.19!

To make matters better (or worse), I had three P&G coupons for $1.00 off one Cascade, making them actually $2.99 each. In that case, three would cost me only $8.97. That is $5.22 less for the same amount of Cascade tablets!

Finally, I went to the Food Lion coupon center and got a $.50 off store coupon for Cascade. Applying that would make the total for 3 of the 20 counts only $8.47.

So, as you can see, it pays to pay attention and not assume that the bigger size is a better deal!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Star News Versus News and Observer

Ready for your weekly list of Sunday paper coupons?

This week I found a Red Plum and a Smart Source insert in both the Raleigh and Wilmington paper. Let's take a look to see specifically which coupons came in each newspaper.
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Smart Source Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red 

Red Lobster, Snapple Tea or Juice Drink 6 packs, Cold Stone Creamery, Fast Fixin Frozen Chicken, Fiber One, Suddenly Salad, Yoplait (four various coupons), Wonderful Almonds, Borden Cheese, Scott's Bath Tissue, Scotts Wipes, Scotts Paper Towels, Schick Hydro Razor and Refills, Schick Hydro Shave Gel, Efferdent, Rayovac Batteries, Boston Market, Target Arm and Hammer Coupons, Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food, Jergens, Curel, Ban, John Freida Products, Root Awakening, Filtrete Water Pitcher and Station, Phillips, Phillips Colon Health product, Claritin D, Jell-O Snacks, Welch's Fruit Snacks, Dukes Mayo, Brut, Rogaine, Playtex, Propel Zero, Mio Liquid Water Enhancer, Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread, Oxi Clean, Longhorn, Silk Fruit and Protein, Silk Pure Coconut, Tetley Tea, Perform Pain Relieving Singles, Planters Nuttrition Bars or Big Nut Bars, Smithfield Fresh Pork, Smithfield Bacon, DenTek Flossers, DenTek Dental Guard, Phillips Sonicare, Raid Max Bug Barrier Products, Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage Links or Patties, Garland Jack's Secret Six BBQ Sauce, Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System, Certo, Sure, Jell or MCP Products, Qunol Ultra CoQ10

 Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!
 Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

IHOP Frozen Breakfast Item, Baskin Robbins, Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy, Smucker's Toppings, Smucker's Jam, Jelly, Preserves or Fruit Spread, Folgers, International Delight Creamer, Nivea Body Lotions, Nivea Body Wash, Nivea Shave Gels, Whiskas Trays or Dry Cat Food, ScarZone Products, Neil Med Products, Newman's Own Frozen Skillet Meals, Post Cereals and Treats, Zatarains Rice or Pasta Mixes, Zatarain's Frozen Entrees, Wisk, Citracal, Gillette, Beneful Baked Delights, Rhodes Warm n Serve, Body Fortress Powder, Cortaid, Band-Aid, Visine, Benadryl, Aveeno, Johnson's Baby Powder, Neosporin Antiobiotic, Lip Health and Essentials Products, Ester-C, Sundown, Sherwin Williams, Backaid Max

As usual, the Raleigh paper did have more coupons, however the Smart Source Wilmington paper had a significant number of coupons that were the same as Raleigh (blue). There were only a couple of coupons (red) that were only in the Wilmington paper, however none of those personally excited me too much.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ruby Tuesday and Food Lion Gift Card Deals

Father's Day is coming up fast (Sunday, June 17th). In honor of Father's Day, many companies and restaurants offer gift card deals. These deals can be used to your advantage, either for your personal use or to give as a gift. Graduation gifts are another idea for using these cards.

Check out the deals below and take advantage of them soon!

Food Lion:

Buy $50 in participating gift cards and get $10 off instantly at the register. Participating cards are:

Bass Pro Shop
Lowes Home Improvement
Mastercard (*I'm not too thrilled about their $4.95 activation fee)
I Tunes

If you planned on shopping at any of these establishments anyway, it makes sense to get the gift cards ahead of time, as you will pay $40 but get a $50 gift card. 

You have until Tuesday, June 12th to do this at Food Lion.

Ruby Tuesday:

Buy $50 in gift cards online at and get a free bonus $15 gift card.

I LOVE Ruby Tuesday! They have an awesome salad bar and great menu. Since my husband and I like to eat there, I will probably buy $100 in gift cards and get back $30 in bonus cards. PLUS you can use coupons when you eat there, thus saving even more. Ruby Tuesday is always mailing out coupons to my postal mailbox and also to my e-mail. Sometimes the coupons are for 20% off or B1G1 free meals, so that is a great way to stretch the gift card.

Let me know if you hear of other gift card deals!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Lifejackets at Kolhs this evening!

Each year Kohl's participates in a summer safety event. The event is held in the Kohl's parking lot here in Wilmington and features summer safety games, info and lifejacket giveaways to each child (child must be present to receive).

This year's event is sponsored by New Hanover Regional Medical center and Sunny 104.5. Drop by this evening from 4-7 p.m. and check it out!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buy Groceries; Earn a FREE Personalized Lawn Chair and Towel!

I love these promos that Proctor and Gamble does ever so often. The promos require you to buy usually $30 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and in return, you earn a free gift or gift card or money off. Normally, the bonus that you receive is fairly generous and definitely worth the effort, especially if you needed the products anyway.

This week's promo is a little random but I like it! You can do it at either Harris Teeter or Lowes Foods. Buy $30 worth of P&G products and get a free, customized spectator chair (lawn chair) and fleece blanket! They will even pay the shipping for you. The shipping, customization, chair and blanket alone are worth $35 so I think it's great that you can earn them by simply purchasing your groceries.

I would not advocate that you over pay for items just to earn a free chair, but many of these items are on sale anyways PLUS there are matching coupons both from the P&G insert in the Sunday paper and in your Harris Teeter EVIC coupons e-mail. By the time you use the sales plus both types of coupons, you get a pretty good deal on your groceries PLUS you earn the free gift.

Even better is that as long as the sales prices total at least $30, it doesn't matter what coupons you use; you will still earn the prize! So in the end, you don't really end up paying $30 if you add in coupons.

The gift will print out as a catalina coupon at register, and you then have to mail it off to Proctor and Gamble along with your original receipt. So, save both and my advice is to do it right away! You know how it goes with rebates- if you put it off you may forget later and these don't give you a very long window to mail them in.

As to which store it's best to do the promo, I'm not sure. Both are running sales on P&G products this week; I found good prices at both stores. However, Harris Teeter does offer lots of additional P&G coupons via EVIC digital coupons which could make it a little more advantageous to buy at Harris Teeter. Also, I'd wait for the Saturday specials to see if any P&G products go on Saturday special, too.

Let me know if you get this promo this week and what combination of products you buy to get it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Star News vs. News and Observer

Happy June!

This morning both the Raleigh and Wilmington newspapers had all three major inserts- Red Plum, Smart Source and Proctor and Gamble. Let's take a closer look to see exactly what coupons came inside!

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Smart Source Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Ball Real Fruit Pectin or Food Mix, Ball or Kerr Canning Jars, Chicago Cutlery, Pediasure Sidekicks Freebie Rebate, Kikkoman Sauces, General Mills Cereals, Bugles, Chex or Gardettos, Hamburger Helper, V8 Vegetable Juice, V8 Splash, Almond Accents, Chiquita Apple Bites, Goodnites Underwear, Enfamil or Enfagrow Formula, Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce, Totally Light Sticks, 4C Beverage, Ensure Clear 4-pack, Ensure Multipacks, Belivita Breakfast Biscuits, Eight o Clock Coffee, OFF Botanicals Products, Colgate Toothpaste, Colgate Toothbrush, French's Dijon Mustard, French's Honey Dijon or Horseradish Mustard, Smart Balance Milks, Smart Balance Spreadable Butter and Canola Oil Blend, Gold Bond Medicate Anti-Itch Lotion, Bold Bond Powders, Gold Bond Friction Defense, Resolve All Stains Spray n Wash Rebate, Air Wick Coupons, Air Wick Flip and Fresh, Scotch-Brite Sponges and Scour Pads, Nexcare Band-aids, MiraLax, Aveeno Hair Care or Body Wash, BIC Disposable Razors, DampRid, Kerasal Nail Fungal Renewal Treatment, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze or Almondmilk, Dole Canned Juice, Chuck E Cheese Coupons, One-Stop Plus Clothing Coupon

 Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

 Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Subway Coupons, Sweet Tomatoes Coupons, Loreal Shades of Preference, Meow Mix, 9 Lives, Frush Fruit and Yogurt Shakes, Ball Park Buns, Ball Park Flame Grilled Patties, Ball Park Franks, Dove Hair Care, Dove Anti-persperant, Dove Body Wash, Dove Beauty Bar, Dove Men Body Wash, Dove Men Body and Face Bars, Dove Men Antipersperant or Deoderant, Pup-Peroni, Dermasilk, Nature's Bounty Supplements, Deer Park 8oz mini Multipacks, Deer Park  700ML Multipacks, Deer Park 1-Liter Bottles or .5 Liter 6-packs of Sparkling Waters, Kelloggs Cereals, Disney Vitamins, Domino Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar, Purina Alpo, Gaviscon Antacid, Centrum, 8th Continent Soymilk, Daisy Cottage Cheese, Simply Potatoes, Welch's 64 oz Cocktail or 59 oz Healthy Start 100% Juice,  Organic Valley Butter, All Laundry Detergent, Black Flag Products, Newman's Own Salsa, Newman's Own Salad Dressing, Newman's Own Thin and Crispy Pizza, Paseo Bath Tissue, Paseo Products, Adams Flea and Tick Control

In both cases- with Smart Source and Red Plum, the Raleigh paper had a far better selection of coupons.

Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble is the same for all papers, so I won't list the coupons. I thought they were average; nothing to get too excited over but the good news is that we just got a Proctor and Gamble a few weeks ago, so this one is simply a bonus. There is a $1.00 off Pantene Coupon that's good to use at Food Lion this week; it makes both a Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner and a Pantene Styler only $2.49 plus tax for both, so if you like Pantene products, this is an opportunity to get a pretty good deal on them at Food Lion.

Until next week!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Delly's Deals Weekly Radio Show Notes

Thank you to our show sponsors, I Am Salon and Day Spa, Indoor Mechanical Service, and Tutoring Solutions. Please support these local businesses as they help make the Delly's Deals Radio Show possible! Check out the May specials from I Am Salon and Day Spa. All May they are offering B1G1 half off gift cards. Tutoring Solutions is offering 10% off if you mention my name. Also, Indoor Mechanical Service is offering a $45 tune up special for your heating and air unit, which is an awesome deal, so be sure to call them and mention Delly!

This week on the Delly's Deals Radio Show we gave away a $20 gift card to any grocery store. Our winner was Susan, so congrats to her!

I shared my Food Lion shopping trip details where I saved 64%. My total was close to $64 and I paid $22.73 after sales and coupons which I thought was awesome! Be sure to see my post to get the $5 off $25 coupon from Food Lion's website.

Other mentionable deals for this week:

Food Lion

Buy 2 Ragu, Get 16 oz pasta noodles free
B1 Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner; Get Styler Free
Red Grapes- $1.27 per pound
Holly Farms Chicken Breasts and Tenders- 50% off

Harris Teeter

Sat. Special- $1.97 for 12 pack Cokes, limit 2 and $1.77 Lance Cracker 8 packs. Use coupon on those and they become only $.67 each
Cheerios- depending on the value of your coupon they can be as low as $.19!
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut- $.34 after $.70 off coupon
Hunts 24 oz Ketchup- $1.00 each or $.30 if you can find the $.35 off coupons attached to some bottles

Lowes Foods

Lowes has some awesome deals this week to earn gas money off. I was going to talk about this on the radio show today but ran out of time. I will post about it before the weekend is over! Check out their flyer for details.

Food Lion Trip- Saved 64%!

 Pictured: 2.3 pounds of red seedless grapes, 5 pound bag of Gala Apples, 3 pound bag of Yellow onions, 2 Velveeta Shells n Cheese, 2 Hormel Dinner Entrees no preservatives, Chicken Legs Pack, Chicken Thighs Pack, 2 Pantene Shampoos, 2 Pantene Styling Products, 2 Ragu Pasta Sauces, 16 oz Spaghetti Noodles, Food Lion brand.

I decided to take advantage of the $5 off $25 coupon at Food Lion this week, especially since Food Lion had some meat and produce sales that I wanted to take advantage of. 

In the end, I spent $22.73 and before coupons or MVP discounts the total was $63.27. Total saved was 64%, which I think is great, especially for a grocery store that doesn't double coupons.

The Pantene Deal was good (thank you, Sheila M!). Pantene Pro-V is on sale for B1G1 Free. I had a B1G1 free coupon that expired on May 31st, so after using the B1G1 free sale plus coupon they both came out free. Those alone were worth about $16. Although the coupon has expired, if you need Pantene, the sale is still a good one and you can take advantage of the B1G1 sale through Tuesday night. Also, fingers crossed that there may be a Pantene Coupon tomorrow in the Sunday paper.

Food Lion has a sale right now where if you buy two Ragu Pasta Sauces, then you get the 16 oz Food Lion brand Spaghetti noodles for free! I had a Ragu Coupon that made that deal even better.

Holly Farms Chicken legs and thighs are 50% off, so this is a good week to get chicken.

Finally, there are produce sales right now that are pretty good, in particular the $1.29 red seedless grapes. Grapes can be so expensive, so I always get them when on sale. I got some on Thursday and will get more on Tuesday evening, to help last us through the next week.

Keep in mind that you can download coupons from Food Lion's website. Go to and look at the top left. Click "Savings and promotions" and then click "Coupons." Follow the simple instructions and you can download to your Food Lion MVP card.

If you shop Food Lion this week be sure to print the $5 off $25 coupon. It may also be accepted at some Harris Teeter locations. HT policy says they don't accept internet printed compettitor's coupons but Cheryl S. from the Delly's Deals Facebook page says they took it at her Harris Teeter. So it's certainly worth a try!

Friday, June 1, 2012

National Free Doughnut Day Today!

I posted this on Facebook about a week ago but just wanted to remind everyone to stop into Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts for your free doughnut.

Today is National Doughnut Day and both places are offering a free doughnut to those who stop by. Krispy Kreme requires no purchase however at Dunkin Donuts you do have to purchase any drink.

Hope you enjoy and don't eat too many doughnuts!