Friday, August 31, 2012

Bath and Body Works Sale- Get up to $14 product FREE!

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I don't post many retail sales here, but I thought I'd share a deal that Bath and Body Works sent to me this morning.

Through September 3rd, they are having a sale. When you spend $10 in store or online, you get to choose an item up to $14 value for FREE.

I see they have some new fall-themed soaps and candles such as Jack o Lantern, Sweet Creamy Pumpkin and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. My favorite season of the year is fall, so I'm a real sucker for anything that smells or looks like fall :)

To get the $14 gift use the following codes:

In-store- Print the coupon or show them the code on your phone: 6716

Online- Enter the Code: FREEFALL50

For details or to print the coupon, click here!

Happy FALL!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saved 75% on Groceries with theKraft Promo!

 I paid a total of 14.69 plus tax for all of the above groceries! Note- all name brand!

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I finally had a chance to do the Kraft promo on Tuesday. By doing so, I saved 75% on my groceries! For those who are unfamiliar, Kraft is running a promo where you earn money back simply by purchasing certain items. Click here to see a full list of the items. Although most of us associate Kraft with cheese, there is a wide variety of products that will qualify, such as Oscar Meyer hotdogs, salad dressing, and lunch meat, so be sure to review the list. This promo will work at Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods; Food Lion in Raleigh was included on the list, but I personally did the promo at Harris Teeter.

Kraft Promo Details:
  If you buy 3-5 of the products, you will earn a Catalina coupon back for $2 off your total purchase.

If you buy 6-9 of the products, you will earn a Catalina coupon back for $5 off your total purchase.

If you buy 10+ of the products, you will earn a Catalina coupon back for $10 off your total purchase.

I was going for the full $10 off, but made a mistake about one of the items that qualified so I ended up just buying 6 items. I may go back and do the promo a second time. Below is how it worked out for me:

First I bought this:

 Before coupons and sales, total was $21.56. AFTER coupons and sales, I paid $9.89 plus tax AND received $5 back for doing the Kraft promo.

My total was $9.89 plus tax for all of the above. Most of the items were on sale, I had coupons AND they counted towards the promo. I received a $5 Catalina coupon at the register after I paid.

Coupons Used:

2 Kraft Singles Cheese, 16 count- $1.00 off 1 from Harris Teeter home mailer and $1.00 off 2 from Coupon center on my website (see left, although I think they may have run out)

2 packs of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs- $1.00 off 2 from Coupon center on my website (see left). The hotdogs were already B1G1 free so after my coupon they were $1.32 per pack.

Lunchable- $1.00 off 1 coupon from Harris Teeter home mailer

Oscar Meyer Selects Roast Beef- $4.99- used $1.00 off coupon from Harris Teeter home mailer

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The total for those items would have been $21.56 but I only paid $9.89 plus tax so I felt good about that. The Deli Meat was expensive (close to $6 regularly) but I had a coupon. The cheese was also on sale but I had both a Harris Teeter coupon that they mailed me and a manufacturer's coupon that I used on the cheese. I ended up paying about $.67 per pack of 16.

I then bought the following items, used coupons and also used the $5 Catalina coupon that I earned from the first items that I bought:

I paid $4.80 plus tax for all of the above! 
Pictured: 2 cans of Hunts Diced Tomatoes, 2 Cans of Bush's Baked Beans, 2 Bags of Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables, Polly-O-Twist String Cheese, Cooked Perfect Homestyle Meatballs

Coupons Used:

Bush's Baked Beans- $1.00 off 2 from Coupon center on my website (see left)

Hunts Tomatoes- $.75 off two digital coupon from Harris Teeter EVIC email

Birds Eye Frozen Veggies- $.50 off 1 coupons from here

Polly o Twist String Cheese- no coupon

Cooked Perfect Meatballs- $1.00 off 1 coupon from Sunday paper, meatballs ended up being $1.87 per pack, a great deal!

$5.00 off total purchase coupon from Kraft items that I purchased in first transaction
The total was $4.80 plus tax for everything! How awesome is that?

In the end I paid $14.69 plus tax for both photos worth of groceries, and I feel that I got some great items. 

A couple of tips- double check and print the list here and take it to the store so that you know exactly which items qualify. Also, pull coupons to match the promo because then you will save even more and still earn the money back. Finally, ask the cashier if their Catalina machine is on and if it has been printing coupons. Sure enough, I asked, and my cashier said "Actually mine hasn't been printing." She checked it and it turns out that the paper was jammed. So all customers before me had been missing out on their Catalina coupons and I would have, too had she not fixed it. So glad I asked!

I may try this promo again- you can do it as many times as you wish, only once per transaction, though.

Let me know how it works out for you! You have through September 15th to do the promo. I did it at Harris Teeter but some Kraft cheeses are on sale this week at Lowes Foods, so you may want to try it there, too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FREE Stayfree Pads at CVS and Walgreens!

Once again, Stayfree has stepped up to the plate with a $2 coupon that makes maxi pads free at two drug stores, CVS and Walgreens.
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In this past Sunday's Raleigh Smart Source newspaper coupon insert (August 25th), there were $2 off coupons for Stayfree maxi pads. At CVS, all Stayfree Maxi pads are only $2 through Saturday night. Use the coupon and you pay nothing for them (only tax)!

At Walgreens, the deal is a little less generous. The 14 ct. Stayfree Overnight pads are $1.99. Use the $2 coupon on those particular pads and they will be free.

One problem I had at Walgreens is that because the coupon is more than the price of the pads, the cash register would not accept them. We had to call a manger who adjusted the price of the pads to $2 so that the coupon would work. Also, the price rang up wrong for the pads in the first place, so I had to show them the ad with the correct price. 

Due to the hassles at Walgreens, I suggest you just go to CVS to get the free pads.  The transaction is much easier there.

Also, if either store is out, be sure to get a rain check. Because this is a simple transaction that doesn't involve Extrabucks or Register Rewards, you should be able to still use the coupon next week if you have a rain check.

I wish I had known years and years ago that with couponing, maxi pads can either be free or very cheap!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Days Left to get Bonus Lowes Foods Fuel Rewards!

 Click the ad above to see which items you can buy to earn money off your gas!

With gas spiraling out of control (and projected to go higher due to Hurricane Issac), I am giving the Lowes Foods bonus gas rewards program a serious look. I've done it before and it was SUPER easy. Last time I saved $.25 per gallon; this time I want to save $.50 or more per gallon!

It's simple- buy certain items and you earn money off your gas. Even better is that you can use coupons on the items you buy, too, so that in the end you pay less for the items AND still earn the bonus fuel rewards.

The fuel rewards show up on your receipt, stating how much you have accumulated. When you are ready, go to any Hess/Wilco gas station and first insert your Lowes Foods card. The pump will automatically adjust, showing the discounted amount that you will pay. 

For the past two weeks, Lowes has been running a special gas rewards bonus program with TWO full pages of items that you can buy to save additional money off your gas. Click here to see the full ads listing the items that you can buy and how much you will earn by doing so.

I start by searching for any items that I would actually want to purchase. Next, I use my coupon database to search for any matching coupons. For example, one of the items listed is Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food. If you buy one, you get $.10 off per gallon. I used my database and it said there is a coupon for $1 off Iams Dog or Cat food in the July P&G coupon insert. So, I would buy the dog or cat food, redeem the $1 coupon AND earn the $.10 off per gallon. This is great if in fact you actually need dog or cat food.

Another example is the deal at the top where you buy any two select General Mills Cereals and earn $.10 off per gallon. Let's say you buy Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There are coupons for both of those cereals available right here on my website (see coupon center on the left). Using the coupons would save an additional $2.00 off for the cereal AND you'd earn the fuel rewards. 

Finally, there are even some items such as Lowes Foods sour cream that you can buy to earn fuel rewards. See the second page- buy any four Lowes Foods brand sour cream, chunk cheese, butter, cottage cheese or non dairy creamer to earn $.10 off per gallon. These are great items to keep on hand as staples for making a variety of recipes. 

My biggest tip is to be sure to buy the correct quantity and product size. For instance, I notice that you have to buy the bigger box of Toaster Strudels to earn the reward, versus the smaller box. So for each product, read the fine print.

You have through Tuesday night to get in and grab these deals- let me know how much you earn off your gas!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Star News vs News and Observer

Good morning! Well, technically it's the first of the month (since the first will fall before next Sunday). That means one thing- lots of coupons!

Today both the Wilmington Star News and the Raleigh News and Observer had all three major coupon insert packets- a Red Plum, a Smart Source and the monthly Proctor and Gamble.

Proctor and Gamble is the same regardless of which paper you buy, so let's compare the Red Plum and Smart Source inserts.

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organizational system around for couponing!

Smart Source Insert Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Planters NUTrition Energy Mix Peanut Butter, Systane, ICAPS Eye Vitamin and Mineral Product, Dole Fruit Bowls, Dole Gels or Dole Parfaits, Dole Parfaits or Fruit Crisps, Fiber One, Yoplait Simplait, Fiber One, Yoplait Fruplait, Pace, New York Brand Frozen Product, Nathan's Frozen Fries or Onion Rings, Checkers Famous Fries, Maruchan, Arbys Curly Fries, Waggin Trail Dog Treats, Danimals Crunchers 4 pack, Hershey's Syrups or Toppings, Mighty Dog Meals, Zegerid, Hormel Premium Chicken Breast, Purina Be Happy Cat Food and Dog Food, Wholly Salsa, Wholly Guacamole, Chiquita Bites, Alouette Cheeses, Chavrie Products, Mt. Olive Pickles, Peppers or Relish, House-Autry Sauces, Planters NUT-rition, Kraft Homestyle, Johnsonville Burgers, Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik, Sargento Natural Sliced Cheese, Sargento Natural Cheese Snack, Olive Garden Coupons, Ghirardelli Bag or Bar, Pyrex Glass Bakeware, Prepware or Storage, Kaboom products (3 different coupons), Brookwood Farm BBQ products, White Castle Burgers, Dole All Natural Fruit Jars, Chock Ful o Nuts, Dole Real Fruit Bites, Mrs. Cubbinson's Salad Toppings, Stayfree Product, Carefree Product, OB Tampon, Glade Products (8 different coupons), Colgate Toothpaste, Damp Rid, Kerasal Nail fungal Treatment, Claritin (3 different coupons), Ball or Kerr Lids, Ball or Kerr Case of Jars, Chuck E Cheese, Smithfield Bacon or Lunchmeat, Smithfield Marinated Loin or Ham Product, BIC Flame Disk, BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter, Kersasal Nail Fungal Renewal Treatment

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Red Plum Insert

Honeybaked Ham Store coupons, Target Coupons for Tide, Downy, Downy Unstoppables, Mars Candy Bags, Tic Tac, Kibbles n Bits, Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats, Loreal Paris Skincare, Loreal Paris Shades of Preference, Dove Men Antipersperant, Marcal Small Steps, Temptations Cat Treats, Advil, Thermacare, Centrum, Robitussin, Dimetapp, Chap STick, Preparation H, Jimmy Dean Products, Jimmy Dean Snack Size Sandwich, Sorrento Stringsters String Cheese, Krave, Frosted Mini Wheats, Pop Tarts, Keebler Club Crackers, Rhodes Warm n Serv Rolls, Zatarain's Mixes, Zatarain's Frozen Entrees, Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage, Poligrip, Dermasilk, Tums, Tums Freshers, Kings Hawaiian 12-pack Dinner Rolls, Kings Hawaiian Sub Rolls, Sandwich Buns, Hotdog Buns, or Mini Sub Rolls, Subway Coupons

Overall, Raleigh had more coupons and a better selection, however, I found it interesting that Wilmington Smart Source had a few random coupons that were not in the Raleigh paper, such as Smithfield Bacon or Lunchmeat and Marinated Loin or Ham.  

The Red Plum insert was definitely better for Raleigh, as the Wilmington Red Plum was loaded with ads. 

Until next week!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lance Cracker 8 pack Just $.67 today only!

 Print this coupon to make the Lance 8 pack crackers only $.67 
today during Harris Teeter's Saturday special!

How many times have you stopped by a vending machine and purchased one of those packs of Lance crackers for $.75 or more? 

Well, today only at Harris Teeter you can get an entire 8-pack for only $67! That's 8.3 cents per packet. When I see deals like this, I go ahead and get them, especially because they make good, quick little snacks for myself or my children and keep us away from those vending machines that can really eat through a budget.

This is how the deal works- it's simple. The 8 pack Lance Crackers are on Saturday special for only $1.77. That's already a good deal but if you use a coupon it's even better. Here is a coupon that you can print for $.55 off one pack. The coupon will double to $1.10 off, since Harris Teeter doubles coupons under $1.00 every day of the week. $1.77-$1.10= $.67!

The great news is that you can print the coupon two times and get two 8 packs at that price.

Drop by Harris Teeter today to get this deal because it is a Saturday special only! One note- if you miss it today, the crackers are still on sale the rest of the week through Tuesday night for $2.50. If you use the coupon with that price they will be $1.40. That's certainly not as good as the $.67 today, but if you consider that it makes each individual pack of crackers only 17.5 cents, that's still much better than paying for them at a vending machine!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$.34 Eggs This Week at Harris Teeter!

Print this coupon to get a dozen Davidson's Eggs for only $.34 at Harris Teeter this week!

One of the comments that I get about couponing is that there are never coupons for healthy products. This is simply not true. While I agree that there are many coupons for products that are unhealthy, if you like healthy items, those are available to you as well. One tip I give is to contact the manufacturer directly if you want a coupon for a particular product. Often, they can send you some in the mail or via email.

Another tip is to just buy more whole foods when they go on sale, versus processed or boxed foods. Whole foods go on sale, too and whole foods tend to be healthier than processed foods.

One of the items on my list for this week are eggs. I like to boil eggs and keep them ready in my fridge for an easy breakfast or to add to a salad. This week, Davidson's Eggs are B1G1 free at Harris Teeter. There is also a $.75 coupon available for you here that you can print two copies of and get two dozens. When you buy a dozen for 1.85 and use the coupon, it doubles to $1.50 off, making the dozen eggs only $.34! So, you could get two dozen eggs for only $.68! What an amazing deal!

These are great eggs, by the way. According to the Davidson's Eggs website their eggs are pasteurized and come from antibiotic-free, hormone free, vegetarian fed hens. Davidson's Eggs claim that many eggs are not pasteurized, thus making them susceptible to cross contamination and risk of salmonella poisoning.

Other healthy items that are on my list and on sale this week:

Green or Red Seedless Grapes- $.97 per pound (great price)!
Boneless Chicken Breast Small Pack- B1G1 Free
Fresh Tilapia Fillets- $5.99/pound
Harris Teeter Gallon of Milk- $2.97/gallon
Snow Crab Clusters- $5.77/pound (I can't eat shellfish but I hear this is a good price)

Even if you don't have a Harris Teeter grocery store in your area, I assure you that your store, too, runs deals on healthy items. Simply buy them and stock up as best you can when they are on sale. Apply coupons when you can, as in the case of the Davidson's Eggs, and watch your grocery bill plummet!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Star News vs. News and Observer

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Smart Source Insert Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Kraft Natural Shredded or Sliced Cheese with Mozzarella, Hamburger Helper, Progresso Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce, Yoplait Greek Yogurt, Pioneer Gravy Mixes, Pioneer Meatloaf Mixes, Lunchables Lunch Combinations with Smoothie, California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hormel Country Crock Side Dish, Hormel Refrigerated Entree, Hormel Compleats, Hormel Compleats Kids, Activia Breakfast Blend 4- pack, Post Pebbles Cereals or Treats, Hidden Valley for Everything Topping and Dip, Tyson Stuffed Mii Bread Bowls, Breakfast Bowls or Mini Chicken Sandwiches, Target Coupons for Hot Wheels or Matchbox Toys, Tyson Anytizers Snacks, French's French Fried Onions, Palermos Pizza, Kraft Mayo, Kraft BBQ Sauce, Kraft Sizzling Salads Dinner Kit, Promised Land Milk, Honey Bunches of Oats, Dole Frozen Fruit Single Serve Cups, Woolite, Finish Quantam, Finish Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs, Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Lysol Bathroom Wipes, Lysol Power and Free Multi-Surface Cleaner Triggers, Hershey Milk Chocolate, Hershey Simple Pleasures, Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets Bag, Ore-Ida Products, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Hascro Scrabble Game, PET Ice Cream or Frozen Novelty, Reynolds Wrap Foil, Blue Bones Natural Dental Chews, Febreze Freshness Carpet Cleaning Products, Arm and Hammer Spinbrush, Arm and Hammer Sonic Battery-powered toothbrush, Orajel toothpaste, Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes product, John Freida Frizz Ease products, One a Day Vitamin, Opti-Free Pure Moist Contact Lens Solution, Clear Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution, Longhorn Steakhouse, OxiClean Products, ACT Anticavity Mouthwash, Mitchum, Zaditor, Genteal, Land o Lakes Deli Cheese, Goody's, BC Powder, Snapware, Schick Hydro 3 Blade Razor, Schick Hydro Shave Gel, Kerasal Foot Products

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Red Plum Insert

Turkey Hill SunBrew Iced, Land O Frost Lunch Meat, Purex Detergent, One Renuzit, One Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Freshener, Right Guard Total Defense Anti-Persperant or Deoderant, Right Guard Total Defense Body Wash, Dial for Men or Tone Body Washes, Dial Liquid or Foaming Hand Soap or Bar, Soft Scrub, Brawny Paper Towels, L.A. Looks Products, Gillette Mach 3 Razor, Pringles, Pringles Snack Sticks, Pringles Fat Free Cans, Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwiches, Tennessee Pride Mini Hot Dogs, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Shadybrook Farms Turkey Products, Sundown Vitamins, Beggin Strips, Marvel Vitamins, Minute Steamers, Newman's Own Complete Skillet Meals, Perdue Refrigerated Chicken, Cicis Pizza

I thought the selection of coupons was excellent today! As always, Raleigh had more coupons and a better selection. Until next week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

$.10 Mars Candy Bars at Harris Teeter

I don't mean to encourage the consumption of mass amounts of candy bars but if you're going to eat candy bars (or any other junk food, for that matter), you may as well get a good deal on it!

This week at Harris Teeter you can get $.10 Mars candy bars. This sale is a continuation of a sale that I saw last week. Mars Candy Bars (Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Twix) are on sale for B1G1 free. Original price is $1.19, so this week they are .60 each. Not a bad price.

In addition to the sale, I found coupons at the Mayfaire Harris Teeter (near the front registers). There was a huge M&M/Mars display that had coupons attached to it. The coupons were for $.50 off 2. Since Harris Teeter doubles coupons every day (coupons that are $1.00 or less), the $.50 doubles to $1.00 off 2. That makes two candy bars only $.20 for two ($.10 a piece)!

Just thought I'd share. Truthfully, this is the time of year to stock up on snack package type foods. I mean things like small bags of chips, cookies, graham crackers, snack crackers, cereal bars, juice boxes, gummies- anything you could imagine a child taking to school in their lunchbox. Many of those items are on sale right now and I'm seeing many matching coupons. I am also seeing many sales and coupons for peanut butter and jelly.

I suggest having a snack box or bin or bag in your home. I keep mine in my closet so the kids cannot access it freely. They can choose one a day during their afternoon snack. I agree that it is tempting to have snacks in the house, especially when they are easily accessible. For that reason, if you know you have issues of self-control, I do not suggest stocking up big time on these items. There is just too much temptation.

However, if you can consume these items in moderation, this is the time of year to get some great deals on these items and maybe even have a little stockpile for yourself or for your child to use throughout the school year!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Making Money Buying Feminine Products this Week!

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I think it's about time to add feminine products to my list of things that I can pretty much count on getting for free. Not only that, but this week there were three examples of when buying the products and using coupons actually made money!

This week at Harris Teeter (through Tuesday night), the Tampax Pearl Tampons and Always Infinity Pads were money makers. That means that the total amount of coupons redeemed was more than the cost. Normally this doesn't work but Harris Teeter allows the use of a paper coupon (for example, printed online or from the Sunday paper) along with a Harris Teeter online EVIC coupon (in your e-mail), even if you're only buying one item.

The Always Infinity have been out of stock everytime I check in the store, but I was able to find the Tampax Pearl for $4.49. In the August Proctor and Gamble insert there were $2 off coupons. This week is Super Doubles so the coupon doubled to $4 off, making the total cost $.49. Honestly, I would have bought them at that price anyways but then I realized that there was also a $2 off Harris Teeter EVIC coupon as well for the Tampax Pearl! I clicked it and that came off, too, making my total $1.51 in the positive. I love it! That $1.51 was applied to the rest of my order, so it was like I got something else in the store for free.

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That deal works the same way with the Always Infinity Pads, so hopefully they will re-stock before Super Doubles ends tomorrow.

Finally, Stayfree Pads are money makers at Rite Aid this week. They are on sale for $3 and there was a $2 off coupon in the July Sunday paper, I believe on July 22nd and 29th. That brings the cost down to $1, which is great but it still gets better!

Rite Aid is offering a promo this week where you get $2 in +UP rewards if you buy Stayfree pads. So, counting the +UP rewards, I come out $1 in the positive after paying! I can use those +UP rewards to spend on anything else in the store. They are like Rite Aid Cash.

So, how many of you ladies used to be bitter about having to pay for feminine products? No need to be bitter anymore- they can actually MAKE you money!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great Deals on Razors at All 3 Drug Stores this Week!

One of the things that I love about couponing is the ability to get higher quality, name-brand products for better prices than their no-name counterparts.

I often joke that I've spoiled my husband. Before I got into couponing, he would buy the dollar store razors. They worked okay, but we had assumed that the more expensive, name-brand razors were way out of our league.

We were so wrong! Now, I buy him the name-brand, fancy razors for dollar store prices. I usually get them at the drug stores- either Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid. Another tip is that when they go on sale with matching coupons, I buy more than one. I may buy 4 or 5 one week and then not buy razors for a few months. That makes more sense than buying only one when they go on sale and then having to buy another a few weeks later when they are no longer on sale.

One final tip that I've found is that it is often cheaper to buy a new razor than it is to buy the replacement blades. The replacement blades can be expensive, even when I use coupons. Many times, I can get a brand new razor for him for $.99-$1.99.

This week, the Gillete Fusion ProGlide razor is on sale at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. The deal is the same at each store. You will need the $4 off coupon that came in both the Wilmington and Raleigh Red Plum coupon insert today. 


Buy one Gillete Fusion Pro Glide Razor (men) or one Venus Razor (women)
Cost: $9.99

Use: $4 off coupon from the August 12th Red Plum insert
Pay: $5.99 out of pocket
Get Back: $4.00 in Extrabucks from CVS (promo running this week only, through next Sat. night)

Counting the Extrabucks, it's like you paid $1.99 for the nice razor.

I actually have $5 in Extrabucks left over from last week that I can use when paying, so that will make my total out of pocket only $.99 but I'll get back $4 in Extrabucks, so it's like I make money off the transaction!

*Note- CVS limits you to only 1 Extrabucks reward on the razor per week, so you can really only do this transaction one time at CVS.

Rite Aid:

Buy one Gillete Fusion Pro Glide Razor (men) or one Venus Razor Kit (women), Gillette Mach 3
Cost: $9.99

Use: $4 off coupon from the August 12th Red Plum insert
Pay: $5.99 out of pocket
Get Back: $4.00 in +UP Rewards (promo running this week only, through next Sat. night)

Counting the +UP Rewards, it's like you paid $1.99 for the nice razor.

*Note- Rite Aid Limits you to earning only 2 of the +UP rewards on the razors per week, so you can only do this transaction one time at Rite Aid. 


Buy one Gillete Fusion Pro Glide Razor (men) or one Venus Razor (women)
Cost: $9.99

Use: $4 off coupon from the August 12th Red Plum insert
Pay: $5.99 out of pocket
Get Back: $4.00 in Register Rewards (promo running this week only, through next Sat. night)

Counting the Register Rewards, it's like you paid $1.99 for the nice razor.

*Walgreens will allow you to repeat the transaction as many times as you'd like. The only limitation is that you cannot use a razor Register Reward to pay for another razor. In other words, a second Register Reward will not print out, so you need to do separate transactions if you wish to earn multiple Register Rewards doing this.

Star News versus News and Observer

Good morning! What a sleepy day! Its stormy and rainy here in Wilmington today. I did finally make it up to get my papers. Both the Wilmington Star News and the Raleigh News and Observer had two inserts- one Red Plum and one Smart Source coupon booklet. As always, there were differences in which coupons came in the paper. Let's take a look at exactly what coupons were in each newspaper today.

Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

Smart Source Insert Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Kens Dressings, Ken's Marinade, Kleenex, Kotex (four different coupons), Colgate Toothpaste, Colgate Toothbrush, Speed Stick/Lady Speed Stick, Irish Spring, Kleenex Hand Towels, Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap Refill, Pull Ups, Cottonnelle Toilet Paper, Cottonnelle Flushable Wipes, Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Scott Bath Tissue, Scott Towels, Scott Flushable Wipes, Palmolive, Softsoap Body Wash or Bar Soap, Dannon Oikos Cups or Multipack, Barilla Microwaveable Meals, V8 Splash, V8 100% Veggie Juice, Reese's or Kit Kat, Hershey's Minatures, Duke's Mayo with Olive Oil, Duke's Mayo/Sauers Seasoning and Marinade, Tresemme, Trident Stride Gum, Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, Claritin, Ziploc Bags, Ziploc Containers, Ziploc Slider Bags, Buddhig Meat, Wisconsin Turkey Bites, Post-it Notes, Poise Products, Air Wick, Rug Doctor, Poise Body Cooling Towellettes, Poise Personal Lubricant or Roll on Cooling Gel, Seattle's Best Coffee, Gain, Cheer, Era, Clairol Nice and Easy, Schick Intuition Razor or Refill, Skintimate Shave Gel, Schick Quattro for Women Disposable Razor Pack, Depend Real Fit or Silouette, Depends, Starbucks $5 Card Offer, Murphy Oil Soap, Biore Pore Strip Cleanser, Scotch Brite, White Brite, Proactiv, Grape Nuts, Post Shredded Wheat

There were two cereal coupons- Grape Nuts and Post Shredded Wheat, that were in the Wilmington paper but not in the Raleigh paper. I heard that the Shredded Wheat is supposed to be free this week at Harris Teeter with the $1 off coupon, but I haven't tried it myself, yet.

Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Texas Roadhouse, Sparkle Paper Towels, Senokot or Senokot-S Tablets, Front Porch Carolina Chuned Ice Cream, DelMonte Fruit Cup Snacks, Loreal Paris, Turkey Hill Half Gallon Drinks, Cesar, Good n Natural Bar (FREE), Nivea, IHOP Breakfast Frozen Items, Milk/Special K Bars and Fiber Plus Bars, Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage, Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, Wisk, Superpretzel Items, Snuggle, Gillette Disposable Razors, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, Venus Refillable Razor, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters or Dry Cloths, Covergirl Face Product, Covergirl Lashblast

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Overall, the coupons were pretty good today- lots of non food items were in there, such as household products and cleaning supplies. I personally bought two Raleigh and one Wilmington paper. Until next week......

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #1- Saved 90%!

 Original Price- $83.58. My price- paid only $8.42 plus tax!

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For those who were unaware, Super Double Coupons week started at Harris Teeter today! Through next Tuesday night, they will double all coupons that are up to $2. That means $1 will double to $2, $1.50 will double to $3, and even your $2 coupons will double to $4 off! You can double up to 20 per VIC card per day.

I went this morning to grab some deals. Before coupons or sales my total was $83.58. After sales it went down to $54.38 and after I turned in all my coupons, the price went down to $8.42 plus tax! Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Below I will list some of the deals that I got today as well as some of the deals that I saw that I will return to get tomorrow!

FREE Items:

Wholly Guacamole (I love this stuff!) *Used $1.00 off coupon from Sunday paper

Keri Lotion (My favorite deal this time)-  *Used $2.00 off coupon from Sunday paper and from Parade Magazine. It's normally $7.99 and I got it for FREE!

Damp Rid- *Used $1.00 off coupon from Sunday paper. It's on B1G1 sale this week

Gerber Graduates Baby Puffs- *Used $2.00 off 2 coupon from the Savings Club (join by clicking red box on my website in upper right)


Sambrazon Energy Drink- $.25 each ($1.50/2 coupon printed online)

Ortega Beans- $.25 each ($1.00/2 coupon from All You Magazine August)

Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl Popcorn- $.79 (Harris Teeter EVIC online coupon)

Hefty Slider Bags- $.42 ($.55 off coupon printed online + Harris Teeter EVIC online coupon)

Smart Balance Half Gallon Lactose Free Milk- $1.00 ($1.50 off coupon from Raleigh Sunday paper, August 5th)

Silk Almond Milk Singles- $.50 each ($1.00 off 4 singles coupon from Sunday paper)

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix- $.29 ($2.00 off coupon from Sunday paper)

Hungry Jack Syrup- $1.29 ($2.00 off coupon from Sunday paper)

Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

My favorite deal of all was the Keri Lotion. It is normally $7.99 and I got it for FREE after using a $2 off coupon! Also, there were multiple sources for that coupon. It was in the recent Parade insert from Sunday's newspaper and also in the Smart Source coupon insert a few weeks back.

OTHER DEALS to look out for:

Tampax Pearl These are MONEYMAKERS! They are on sale for $4.49. Use a $2 off coupon from the P&G insert for August. It will double to $4 off AND there is a Harris Teeter EVIC digital coupon for $2. After both coupons come off, you end up MAKING $1.51!

Regular Size Mars Candy Bars (Snickers, Milky Way, M&Ms, etc) are B1G1 free and there is a tearpad for $.50 off (Harris Teeter Mayfaire near checkout lanes). They end up being only $.10 each!

Nabisco Snack Packs are an awesome deal! Get the big boxes for B1G1 and use the $1.00 off 2 Nabisco coupons from the Sunday paper to pay only a couple of bucks and change for two boxes.

Frosted Flakes are on sale for $1.99 (oddly both the 10 oz and 15 oz boxes). Use $.70 off coupon from Sunday paper to make them only $.59 per box.

Doritos are B1G1 free. Buy 2 and use the coupon from the Pepsi Moments to Save insert to make them only 1.14 per bag (the big bags)

Welch's Grape Jelly is on sale. The jar jelly is 1.27 and if you use the .35 off coupon you pay only $.57! Buy two and you can get a free Sandwich holder (mail in offer)!

BIC Pens are $1.37 each on sale. Buy two and use the $1.00 off 2 coupon from the recent Sunday paper to make them only .37 per pack!

Hanover Baked Beans are $1.99 (reg. price). Use the $1.00 off 2 coupon from online to pay only $.99 each (BIG Cans)

Tony's Pizzas are $3.33 (reg price). After my $1.00 off coupon from the savings club, I paid only $1.33 for a big size pizza.

If you need to find a coupon, use my database (see top of page) to search for the coupon you need. It's really easy- simply type the name of the product you are looking for and click "Search." I use it all the time to find a coupon for something that is on sale. 

Share your deals this week at the Delly's Deals Facebook page. On Monday evening, I will be doing a drawing for a Deluxe couponing binder set. To enter, simply share a great deal that you have found this week from any grocery store or drug store. Tell what you got and how much you paid. If you take a moment to upload a photo, you will earn two entries into the drawing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Kelloggs Fruit Snacks Deal

I bought Kelloggs Fruit Snacks today at Harris Teeter for only $.25 a box!

I think fruit snacks in general are overpriced. When not on sale, they can run between $2.50-$3.00 a box, which is highway robbery. I really scratched them off my list when my 3 year old daughter told me they were real fruit!

I explained to her that they are not fruit, but rather a special treat that she could enjoy A. every now and then and B. when they are on sale!

This week they are on sale 2 for $4. Not only are they on sale but there were coupons for Kelloggs fruit snacks in yesterday's Raleigh paper AND there is a nice promo going on at Harris Teeter where you get $4 off when you buy four boxes in one transaction. Buy four boxes, use two coupons and you will end up getting the fruit snacks for $.25 a box plus tax. 


Buy 4 boxes of Kelloggs Fruit Snacks- $8.00


2 coupons from the August 5th Raleigh Red Plum for $.75 off 2 boxes- $1.50

Doubled Coupons:

Both coupons should double- $1.50

Kelloggs Promo Discount: -$4.00

Total: $1.00 for all four boxes!

How awesome is that!? That's the kind of price I like to see on fruit snacks!

By the way, we do have Halloween coming up. I think these would make a great substitution for candy, since they are individually packaged. 10 come in a box, so with this deal you would have 40 packs to give away for only $1.00 and tax out of your pocket!

This promo goes on through tomorrow, Tuesday night, so drop in and grab it today or tomorrow if you can!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Deal on Nutrigrain Bars!

My five year old son loves Nutrigrain bars. In fact, if I let him, I'm sure he'd eat a box a day.

However, I find them slightly expensive and limit him to one maybe two bars per day. He will be happy to know that there is a great deal going on this week at Harris Teeter through Tuesday night that may allow me to be a little more generous on his daily ration of Nutrigrain Bars!

Normally they are between $2.50-$2.99 per box. Sometimes I see them for $2 a box.

This week they are on sale at Harris Teeter for $2.99 per box but if you buy four boxes in one transaction, you get $4 off your bill automatically (it was supposed to print out as a coupon for future use but it came right off my bill at the register, which was fine by me).

Today there are coupons in the Raleigh Sunday paper for $.75 off 2 boxes of Nutrigrain Bars. Harris Teeter should double these coupons. So, the transaction ends up going like this:


Four Boxes of Nutrigrain Bars @ $2.99 each= $11.96


2 coupons for $.75 off 2 boxes= $1.50 off

Doubled Coupons:

$1.50 additional off

Kelloggs/Coke Promo:

 -$4.00 off your bill

Total= $4.96 for four boxes of Nutrigrain Bars out of pocket!

This is a total of $1.24 per box. I can guarantee you that you will not likely find a price this low for quite some time!

As a comparison, the Sam's Club Multipack price per bar comes out to $.24 each. The Harris Teeter sale/promo price per bar comes out to $.15 per bar so it's definitely a good deal!

One tip- you only get one $4 reward per transaction so if you want to buy more than 4 boxes, do it in separate transactions.

Be on the lookout for more great deals and promos like this as back to school season kicks into full force in August!

Star News vs. News and Observer August 5th

Good morning! This morning I found 3 inserts in my Raleigh News and Observer paper and only 2 inserts in my Wilmington Star News. The Raleigh paper contained the bonus insert that I love- General Mills' Everyday Saver. Both papers had Red Plum and Smart Source however the Wilmington inserts were thinner. See the full list below!

Need to organize all those coupons? Check out our binders here! They are the BEST organizational system around for couponing!

Smart Source Insert Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, V8 VFusion, V8 Sparkling, Dannon Light and Fit Greek, Lorax/Sunmaid Raisins offer, Smart Balance Spreadable Butter and Canola Oil Blend, Smart Balance Enhanced Milks, Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Gourmet Cat Food, Fancy Feast Mornings, Valley Fresh Natural Chicken Breast, Spam Single Products, Spam Products, BIC Disposable Razor, Spam Meal for 1, Hormel Sandwich Makers, Ban, Resolve All Stains, Zone Perfect Products, PediaSure, Lea and Perrins Worchestershire, Neese's Bacon, Neese's Liver Pudding or Scrapple, Neese's Sausage, any 2 Neese's Products, Popcorn, Indiana Popcorn or Chipins, Raid, GUM oral Care Products, Simple Skincare, Nonni's Biscotti, Allegra Allergy, ACT, Cortizone, Aspercreme, Gold Bond, Unisom, Glade Expressions Products, Wholly Guacamole, International Delight Iced Coffee, One Touch Verio IQ Meter, John Freida Precision Foam Color, Mayfield Ice Cream, Bailey's Coffee Creamer, Phillips Sonicare Products, Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System, Chuck E Cheese, Prevacid, Supercuts

Red Plum Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Frosted Flakes, Nutri-Grain Bars, Eggo Waffles, Kelloggs Fruit Flavored Snacks, Rice Krispies Treats Bars, Keebler and/or Sunshine Multi-packs, Moist and Meaty Dog Food, Maybelline Great Lash, Maybelline Colorsensational, Purex Crystals, Claritin, PupPeroni, Meaty Bone, Meow Mix, Loreal Paris Youth Code, Loreal Paris Skincare Products, Morning Star Veggie Foods Products, BallPark Frank Angus, Ballpark Products (any), Domino Light products, Mead Five Star Products, Nature's Bounty, Ester-C, Sundown Naturals, Disney Vitamins, Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions, Osteao BiFlex, Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, Met-RX Big 100 Bars, Met-RX Protein Bars, Dermasilk, Herbal Essences or Aussie, Simply Olay Products, Sweet Tomatoes Coupons, Gillette Disposable Razors, Venus or Daisy Disposable Razors

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Bonus General Mills Everyday Saver Insert

Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

General Mills Cereals, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Fun-da-Middles Cupcake Mix, Original Bisquick, Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting, Cookie Mix, Supreme Brownie Mix, Dessert Bar Mix or Box Muffin Mix, Fiber One, Cheerios, Totinos Pizza Rolls, Toaster Strudels, Frozen Pillsbury Egg Scrambles or Grands Biscuit Sandwiches, Hamburger Helper, Chex Mis, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats, Lucky Charms Treats, Golden Grahams Treats or Milk n Cereal Bars, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Granola Thins, Fiber one Chewy Bars, Fiber One Brownie Bars, Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars, Baguette Chips, Yoplait Kids Yogurt, Yoplait Yogurt Cups

Wow! The Wilmington inserts were unbelievably thin this morning!  I am sorry to say that unless you have to, I wouldn't even worry with the Star News this week; I would stick to the Raleigh paper only and buy several copies of it if you like the selection of coupons.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Lion Promos This Week

While perusing Food Lion's flyer, I found several nice promos that they are running this week. Some are simple; others require more thought but all could add up to be great deals!

Food Lion Promo #1:

Buy 2 packs of 8-12 ounce Borden Cheese for $4 and get Eggs for FREE

Use: 2 coupons on Borden Cheese for $.75 off each (June 16 Smart Source insert)
Pay: $2.50 and get 2 packs of cheese and a dozen eggs. Not bad!

Food Lion Promo #2:

Buy 2 6 packs of 12 ounce Gatorade for $6 and get 1 Box of Quaker Chewy Bars for FREE


Food Lion Promo #3:

Buy 2 boxes of General Mills Cereal for $5 (Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 oz, 8.9 oz Cheerios, or 11.8 oz Cocoa Puffs) and get 4.5-9 oz Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks FREE

I found several cereal coupons, some you can print on the left here from my page on the coupon center. They were for $.50 off one box of cereal

After coupons, pay $4 and get 2 boxes of cereal plus fruit snacks. You may also have coupons on the fruit snacks, too.

Food Lion Promo #4- Unilever:

Spend $15 on participating Unilever and PepsiCo products and get $5 off instantly at the register

These promos are so much fun. See page 3 of the flyer to see the list but it includes a ton of products to choose from, many of which are on sale AND have matching coupons. Buy $15 worth of them and then use your coupons and then get an extra $5 off! Here's a hypothetical example:


2 Hellmans' Mayo 30 oz for $6
2 Powerade 6-packs for $6 (get free chewy bars)
2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Boxes $2.99
1 Ragu $1.66

Total: 16.65 before coupons. Use $1.00 off Oatmeal, 2 $.70 off coupons for Hellman's from July 29 Red Plum

Total After Coupons:  14.25

Get $5.00 off discount from Unilever=  $9.25 for all items. Not bad!

You can play around with your coupons and with the products that you want for this promo. I'm sure you'll find some awesome deals even better than what I suggested.

More Sam's Club Silliness and Membership-Free Weekend

In honor of tax-free weekend, Sam's Club is hosting an open house. This means that anyone can shop there, regardless of whether you have a membership or have paid the fee. This includes online at their Sam's Club website as well.

I encourage you to check it out but be sure to compare prices. I have found repeatedly that prices on groceries are not very good. Even if you don't use coupons but simply buy on sale at the grocery store, grocery store prices usually beat Sam's prices. If you use coupons on top of the grocery sales, they obliterate Sam's prices. Here is an example:

Harris Teeter offered me an EVIC special on Tide where I can get 50 oz for $4.97. I can buy up to two of these at that price, so that's a total of 100 ounces of Tide for 9.94. 

Now, check out this article that touts the absurdity of how great the prices are at Sam's Club. The writer's first example uses Tide and how you can get 200 ounces at Sam's Club for $22.98. That makes 100 ounces $11.49, which is already higher than Harris Teeter's price of $9.94 for 100 ounces. And I haven't even used coupons, yet, to boot!

Sam's Club does not take coupons but Harris Teeter does. What if I use coupons at Harris Teeter on the Tide?

Sam's Price- $22.98 for 200 ounces (100 ounces would be $11.49)
No coupons allowed at Sams Club

Harris Teeter EVIC Price: $9.94 for 100 ounces (bought in two containers of 50 oz each)


$.75 off one Tide from August P&G insert (use two, one for each container)= $1.50 off

Doubled Coupons- Harris Teeter will double the above coupons= $1.50 off

Harris Teeter Digital EVIC Coupon- an extra $1.00 off

$9.94-$1.50-$1.50-$1.00= $5.94 for 100 ounces of Tide at Harris Teeter versus $11.49 at Sam's!

As you can see, the Tide is over TWICE as much at Sam's Club and normally you would have to buy a Sam's membership to have the privilege of overpaying! Clearly that article's writer has never compared grocery sales prices or used coupons.

Do your homework, though- I have found gas to be a deal at Sam's, provided you don't have to go out of your way to get there. My husband has a free work membership and if I'm near Sam's I fill up there. However......lately I've been getting gas at Wilco/Hess for less than Sam's because I use the Lowes Foods Gas Rewards program. Also, I did get a great Tupperware set from there that was actually less than's price. So again, there may be some deals but I still do better on groceries at the grocery store.

Perhaps you can use this membership free weekend as an opportunity to compare prices at Sam's with the sales you find at local grocery stores. I am almost 100% sure you will find the same result that I do- Sam's is not the place to get a bargain.

Surprising Items that are Included in Tax-Free Weekend

I'm not sure what compelled me to click on the NC Department of Revenue's website to read exactly which items are included in the tax-free weekend but when I did, I was surprised about some of the items that qualify:

Costumes (except the mask part)
Wedding Apparel (except for rentals)
Garter Belts
Foot Insoles
Dance Wear (such as leotards and tights)
Ballet and tap shoes
Sports apparel and equipment
Roller Skates
Life Vests

Oddly, E-readers are not technically computers, so they are not included. I would argue that they are certainly educational, but they do not count as a tax-free item here.

Clothing accessories are also not included.

I plan to grab diapers from CVS this tax-free weekend (see my post about the great deal there this week), and maybe some clothes for my children and baby that I'm expecting. However, I don't intend to go too crazy because really, it's only 7%. That's $7 for every $100 I spend. When combined with a really great sale, along with store coupons, I do think there is an opportunity to save good money. 

For instance, I plan to go to Kohls. They will have items on sale plus they sent me a $10 off $10 purchase coupon that they mailed me. In addition, they sent me an extra savings card where I get 20% off my total purchase, too! That, in addition to the tax savings will compel me to check out Kohls.

Also, keep in mind that local resale shops are also participating and I think there could be nice savings there as well.

Tax free weekend runs all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 11:59 p.m.

Let me know what kinds of deals you encounter this weekend!