Saturday, December 3, 2011

Delly's Deals Radio Show Notes- Weekly Deals,Food Lion Gift Card Deals and Sam's Club Comparison

This week on the Delly's Deals Radio Show I will be sharing the weekly grocery deals, along with some special deals going on right now with regards to pre-purchasing gift cards.

Food Lion Deals
Harris Teeter Deals
Lowes Foods Deals

Food Lion Gift Cards Deal (earn $10 for every $50 bought)

RSVP Restaurant Gift Card Deal (Buy 2 for $50 and get one FREE!) 
(Thanks, Whitney for this tip)!

Sams Club Price Comparisons:

Food Lion is having a three day sale on Bounty, Charmin and Tide. I decided to compare those prices to what you would pay for comparable items at Sam's Club.

Food Lion Tide Orignal Scent- 50 oz for $4.99 which is 9.9 cents per ounce (225 ounces would cost you $13.45 versus $25.48 for 225 ounces at Sam's Club! That's a difference of $12.03 less from Food Lion. Keep in mind that the selection is greater at Food Lion, too and you don't have to buy as much at once. That Food Lion price doesn't even count you using coupons. If you use a coupon, the savings would be even greater.

Food Lion Bounty Paper Towels- $4.99 for 6 rolls ($.83 per roll)
Sams Club Bounty Paper Towels- $19.48 for 12 rolls ($1.62 per roll)
If you wanted 12 rolls at Food Lion it would cost you $9.98 versus $19.48 at Sams Club! Big difference, again, in favor of Food Lion. Granted, Sams says their rolls are bigger, but even accounting for that, the price was still less at Food Lion.

Food Lion Charmin Toilet paper- $5.99 for 12 rolls of Charmin ($.49 per roll)
Sams Club Charmin Toilet paper- $22.37 for 12 rolls of Charmin ($.62 per roll)
If you wanted 36 rolls at Food Lion, it would cost you $17.97 versus $22.37 at Sam's Club! That's a difference of $4.40 in favor of Food Lion again.

As you can see, warehouse clubs are RARELY the best deal and they often cause you to spend more at once, not to mention the membership fees. Sams Club does not take coupons here in Wilmington.

Until next week!

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