Thursday, December 29, 2011

Super Double Coupons Coming Up!

If you haven't yet heard, I am excited to announce that Super Double Coupon week will be coming up on Wednesday, January 4th at Harris Teeter!

Starting Wednesday and lasting through Tuesday night, January 10th, all coupons between $1.00-$1.99 will double in value. Normally, only coupons less than $1.00 double, however Super Double coupons week is very special in that your higher value coupons will have a chance to double. The limit is 20 coupons to double per day, so if you need to use more than that, you should go back another day.

I suggest starting now pulling all your $1.00-$1.99 coupons that you would like to use. I also suggest arranging them by department in the store to help with organization. I simply make piles on my living room floor or kitchen table once I have pulled all the coupons I'd like to use. See my older post, "How I Get Ready for Super Double Coupons Week" for details on how I prepare for special shopping events like this.

Also, don't forget to start printing coupons now, too. You can print some now and then print more on January 1st, since many will reset. See the left of my website and click, "See all coupons" to see all the options you have for printable coupons. There are many good ones on there, so be sure to print now before they sell out!

If you need to order any coupons, check EBAY. I often find great deals on specific coupons there.

Finally, remember your Sunday paper this Sunday, January 1st, because from what I hear there are sure to be lots of great coupons!

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