Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Sweet CVS Deal on Medicine

There's nothing worse than waking up sick and realizing you have no medicine in your cabinets! Not only do you feel bad but you're going to go to the store (or send your hubby or wife) and pay whatever price you must to get some relief. This leads to overpaying since people often pay full price when they have to buy medicine immediately.

With cold season upon us, I recommend being proactive and buying medicine BEFORE you get sick and when they're on sale! When I need medicines, I go to the drugstore chains to get the good deals. Often they are running sales and it's easy to look through my binder for matching coupons. Also, you can use my coupon database to find coupons on specific medicines. For instance, tonight I wanted to price check Tylenol. So I went to my coupon database and typed "Tylenol" in the search bar. Sure enough, several printable coupons for Tylenol popped up and I printed two of them and put them in my binder. Now, it turns out that Tylenol wasn't on sale, so I saved the coupons in my binder in the medicines section and I will wait until a sale on Tylenol pops up before I use them.

Tonight I went to CVS and what was on sale was Triaminic, which, like Tylenol, is an acetaminophen based pain reliever for children. I happened to have 2 coupons, each for $3 off,  in my binder for Triaminic. Since it was on sale AND I had a coupon, I knew I was in business! This is where it pays not to be brand loyal, as I wanted Tylenol but since it wasn't on sale I went with a different name brand.
CVS was running a deal on Triaminic where it cost 2 for $12. With my two $3 off coupons, that would make it 2 for $6 ($3.00 a piece). 

They then had an Extra Care Bucks deal where if I bought two Triaminics I would get a $3 Extra Care Bucks reward back. So, I bought two and paid $6 plus tax out of pocket. I then got back a coupon for $3 to spend inside of CVS on something else.

I decided to do a second transaction so I could use my $3 rewards coupon to pay for my next purchase. I  grabbed some Theraflu warming relief severe cold medicine for my husband and I. Although we are not currently sick, I like having it around for when we do get sick. It was regular price $6.49 but I had a $3 off manufacturer's coupon from the Sunday paper a few weeks back. I also was able to use my $3 off extra care buck from the purchase of the Triaminic. That made my total $.49 for the Theraflu, which normally costs $6.49! What a great deal! I did have to pay $.45 tax, since the sales tax is configured on the original amount, not what I paid after coupons. Bummer.

So, in all I got 2 big 4 oz bottles of Triaminic children's pain reliever AND 1 Theraflu Severe Cold Medicine for my husband and I all for a total of $6.49 plus tax! Note that one CVS brand acetaminophen costs almost that much, so I know I'm getting a good deal because I got three name brand medicines for that price.

Also, with the holidays and holiday travel coming up, I do suggest keeping medicines in a plastic bag (I put my children's names on the bags, along with the dosage cups and syringes so they don't get lost). This way, when you travel, you can easily throw the medicines in your suitcases. Don't forget your medicines because it never fails that someone will get sick while you are out of town and sure enough you will head to the store and pay full price for medicines that are sitting at home in your cabinet!

If you want to get the deal I got on the Triaminic, it's going on through Saturday night at CVS, so you have all week! If you don't have the $3 off coupon, I did see a tearpad at Walgreens for $2 off of one Triaminic. It's a manufacturer's coupon so it can be used at any store, not just Walgreens.

Here's to a healthy holiday for us all!

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