Sunday, December 4, 2011

Star News vs. News and Observer

This week my Raleigh paper had one thick Smart Source insert and my Wilmington paper had two smaller inserts- a Smart Source and a Red Plum.

I'll start with the Wilmington Red Plum insert. It was paper-thin! There seemed to be more ads than coupons in it. I did see some fast food coupons for Subway, Hardees, and Dunkin Donuts. As for grocery coupons, there were Soft Pretzel, Folgers, Rhodes Bread, Loreal Shampoo and hair treatments, All Laundry Detergent, and Scope. Except for the All and the B1G1 free Subway coupons, there wasn't much to be excited about in my opinion.

Both papers had a Smart Source insert, with the Raleigh paper having a thicker Smart Source. The Raleigh Smart Source insert had coupons for Reynolds Parchment Paper, Krusteaz Muffin Mix, Hills Bros Cappuchino Mix, Campbells Soup and Spaghetti-Os, Cuties Oranges, Shick Razors, Shave Gel, Edge, and Skintimate, various Pillsbury, Corn Chex, Pom, Snyders Pretzels, Kleenex Hand Towels, Scott Bath Tissues, Carolina Pride Sausages, Sauer's Rub Griller or Marinade, John Freida, Luster White, Solo Cups, Plates or Bowls, Nancy's Frozen Appetizers, Kleenex tissues, Target frozen food coupon, Curel, Efferdent, TGI Fridays frozen meal, Smithfield Bacon, Scotch Brite Wipes, Neutrogena, Jergens, Colgate, Similasan, Gas X, Excedrin, Triaminic, Theraflu, Boston Market, Fleischman's Yeast, Karo or Argo Products, Sunsweet Diced Plums, Werther's Originals, Zegerid, MiraLax, Purina Snacks, K-Y Products, Bronkaid, Neo-Synephrine, Ziploc bags and containers, and Glade Products, Starter Logs, and Chuck-e-Cheese. Overall I was impressed with the selection and VALUE of the coupons in this insert, many being high value coupons that will double or that already were high.

The Wilmington Smart Source was a little smaller than the Raleigh Smart Source. It  had the Pillsbury coupons, Corn Chex, Shick, Edge and Skintimate Shave gels, Scott bath tissues, a Family Dollar Scott towel or tissue, Kleenex Hand Towels, Campbells, Jergens, Efferdent, Spaghetti Os, Carolina Pride Sausages, Sauer's Griller or Marinade, Similasan, Scotch-Brite, John Freida and Neutrogena, Smithfield Bacon, Snyders Pretzels, Reynold's Parchment Paper, Hills Bros Cappuchino, and Neutrogena Face Make-up and Chuck-e-Cheese. Missing were the Nancys, Solo Cups, Purina and Target coupons but the Wilmington paper had a few that were not in the Raleigh paper such as Longhorn coupons, Celestial Seasonings tea, and Samurai Asian Products coupons.

In summary, I think both papers had a good variety of coupons. If you want coupons for some local food places, don't miss the Star News this week. Personally, I suggest one of each newspaper today if you can get your hands on both. I bought two Raleigh and one Wilmington paper.

Until next week!

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