Friday, December 23, 2011

Don't Forget the Batteries

See bottom of post for two deals on batteries that are still going on this week!

I still remember those Christmases where my brothers and I woke up, opened our toys and were so excited to play with them- only to realize that my parents had forgotten the batteries!

When this occurred, we had two options and neither was pretty. We either waited until the next day to get to play with the toy OR my parents ran to the closest convenience store and grabbed batteries for about four or five times the normal cost.

Don't let this happen to you on Christmas Day! Batteries are one of those items that you can almost always find a deal on, provided you get them BEFORE you need them. I keep AA and AAA batteries on hand at all times. Then, I just buy them again when I see them go on sale. This way, I always have them and never have to rush to purchase more.

I love buying name brand batteries, too. They last longer and I've found that when I get them on sale and/or use coupons, they cost less than the store brand batteries. 

For example, I saw AA batteries at the Dollar Tree the other day, 2 in a pack for $1. I calculated that to get 16 it would cost me $8.00. These were definitely off-brand batteries, too, so no telling how long they last (I'm betting not long). 

During the last Super Double coupon week I got 6-8 count packs of Duracell AA batteries for free. I also use the coupons for Duracell that come in the Proctor and Gamble coupon insert each month for additional savings. Harris Teeter usually offers a digital coupon for batteries as well in their EVIC coupons.

Here are two deals going on for batteries right now:

Harris Teeter Saturday Special Dec. 24th only- 24 count AA or AAA batteries for $3.97 (Harris Teeter brand- I've used these before and they work well)

Staples- Get batteries basically free using your rewards card. Buy them now at full price (around $12 for 16 pack AA or AAA) and get the total price back on your rewards card in 4-6 weeks! You can then use that money to buy others things in Staples for free like printer ink, paper, running copies, etc.) I love doing that. This deal lasts through December 24th.

There is no need to overpay for batteries if you plan ahead! Don't get caught empty-handed on Christmas morning!

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