Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Star News vs. News and Observer

Good morning and Happy New Year!

This morning my Raleigh News and Observer had one Red Plum insert and two Smart Sources. My Wilmington paper had one Red Plum, one Smart Source and one Proctor and Gamble.

I found it odd that my Raleigh Newspaper did not have the Proctor and Gamble insert.......I checked several to be sure. This was at the Kangaroo on Gordon Road.

The Wilmington Red Plum was loaded with advertisement sheets and few coupons. Both Red Plums from each newspaper had lots of Loreal coupons for makeup. The Raleigh Red Plum had Pedigree dogfood coupons, Nivea product coupons, Snuggle fabric sheets, Poligrip, StarKist tuna, Knorr Homestyle Stock, tons of Vitamin coupons, Nicorrette gum, Robitussin, Dimetapp, Hefty bags and waste bags, Aquafresh, Biotene, Keebler 100 calorie bites, and Special K Cereal coupons (four different types). The Raleigh Red Plum was definitely a better bet!

The Wilmington Smart Source had pretty good coupons- about the same coupons as the Raleigh Smart Source, although the Raleigh Smart Source did have a great $1 off Wholly Guacamole coupon and a Glucerna coupon. Both Smart Sources had Tostitos, Sargento Cheese, Lysol coupons, and Air Wick coupons. The Raleigh paper had some additional food coupons such as Gorton's fish, Slim Fast and Chef Boyardee and Healthy Choice soups. 

Finally, the Raleigh paper had an additional Smart Source. This contained Lean Cuisine coupons, Boost drinks, Carnation Drinks, Purina dogfood, Softsoap, V8, Palmolive, Colgate, Mentos gum (use the $.55 to get free gum), Vitamins, Aleve, Icy Hot, Bayer, Rubbermaid, Gold Bond, Similasan, Selsun Blue, and Playtex.

Overall, I would say both papers today had their bonuses. If you can find a Raleigh paper with the Proctor and Gamble insert, I would definitely go with the Raleigh. If yours is missing the Proctor and Gamble insert, then I'd suggest getting the Wilmington newspaper, too, so that you can get the Proctor and Gamble.

*UPDATE- it appears that in Leland (according to people from my Facebook page) that they have all inserts, including P&G in the Raleigh paper, so if you're in Leland, the best bet is definitely the Raleigh paper!

Until next week.......!

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