Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wolfgang Puck Money Maker Back Again at Harris Teeter!

Thank you to Bobbi from my Delly's Deals Facebook page for showing me this great Wolfgang Puck money maker that's back at Harris Teeter! Back in November I did a deal that netted me over 16 dollars by "buying" Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce. Coupons, a sale, and a promotion all came together to make me $.75 off every jar of Wolfgang Puck Pasta Sauce that I bought. It was awesome and a rare deal indeed.

Well, the Wolfgang Puck coupons are out again ($.75 coupons were in today's newspaper), and if you use it at Harris Teeter or Lowes Foods, it will double to $1.50 off. Also, Harris Teeter is offering a $1.00 off digital coupon that can be used once towards a jar of Wolfgang Puck and you can also use the paper coupon from today's paper.

Plus.....I've been told that after you pay, a $.75 off coupon will print out at the register. These are called Catalina coupons and they can be used towards a future purchase at the store.

So, let's put all of that together:

1) Wolfgang Puck Pasta Sauce-full price $2.99
(-) $1 evic digital coupon
(-) 75 Cent Coupon from today's Raleigh Newspaper doubles to $1.50
= 50 Cents get checkout coupon for 75 Cents off a future purchase =
make 25 Cents!

I have not yet done the deal myself but I have done it before (back in November) so I'm sure it will work out great again this time around. 
Also, note that the pasta sauce isn't even on sale, yet! I have seen it on sale in the past for as low as $2.00. If that happens on Wednesday, when you do this deal you will actually make $1.25!!! That's a whole dollar extra.

Let me know if it works out for you!

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