Monday, January 9, 2012

Lowes Three-Week Coupons

If there is a Lowes Foods near you, you should hop in by tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 10th) and grab a couple of copies of the sales flyer. This week only you can get special three-week coupons that can be used at Lowes Foods (see pic below). These are store coupons, specifically offered by Lowes Foods. That means they can also be used in conjunction with manufacturer's coupons on the same item. 

In this past Sunday's paper, there was also a special Box Tops/General Mills/Betty Crocker coupon insert that had lots of manufacturer's coupons that matched the same Lowes Foods Store coupons (see below). Sometimes it seems like they plan these things in OUR favor! We just have to pay attention and notice it!

Lowes Foods also offers digital coupons on their website, In addition, digital coupons can be had via, another site that offers Lowes Foods specific coupons. In most cases, you can use a digital coupon, with a store coupon AND with a manufacturer's coupon, all on one item. This is called stacking.

I went to Lowes Foods yesterday and did this and got a few great offers. See my deals below (I already know these weren't the healthiest items but I have to splurge every now and then):

Toaster Strudels
Sale Price: 2.50
Lowes Store Coupon Special Price: 2 for $4
Manufacturer's Coupon .50 off (this doubles to $1.00 off)
Digital Coupon: none
Final Price: 2 for $3.00 (a decent deal- $2 less than usual)

Simply Gogurt Kids Yogurt (no artificial colors or flavors)

Sale Price: 2 for $5.00
Lowes Store Coupon: 2 for $4
Manufacturer's Coupon $.75 off 2 (doubles to $1.50 off)
Final Price: 2 for $2.50 ($1.25 each)- saved 50%

Totinos Pizza Rolls

Sale Price: $1.00 each
Lowes Store Coupon: none
Manufacturer's Coupon: $.40 off one (this doubles to $.80 off)
Digital Coupon: $.40 off
Final Price: made $.20!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

Sale Price: $2 each
Lowes Store Coupon Buy 4 save $2 (I bought four so it cost me $6)
Manufacturer's Coupon: $.50 off 2- doubles to $1.00 off (I used two of these since I bought four boxes)
Final Price: $4 for 4 ($1.00 each)- saved 50% off sale price and even more off the regular price

Honey Nut Cheerios/Cocoa Puffs
Sale Price: 2 for $5

Lowes Store Coupon: 2 for $4
Manufacturer's Coupon: $1.00 off 2 
Final Price: $1.50 each- not the best ever but still pretty good price for cereal

Even if you don't have time or interest in shopping Lowes Foods this week, go ahead and get the store flyer with the three week coupons and save them in your binder. The coupons can be used through January 24th but they are only available in the store this week (through Tuesday night)!

Use this:
Plus this: 

Big savings!

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