Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekly Grocery Store Deals!

It's Wednesday and that means one thing around here- new grocery store sales! Click on your preferred grocery store below for a list of the deals at each store. You can click the boxes to make your own printable grocery store shopping list!

Keep in mind that I also look at the store flyer each week. There's nothing like seeing those deals on paper and you may find a deal that isn't mentioned below. 

There are several promos going on this week worth mentioning. Harris Teeter is doing a Lysol sale (use the matching coupons from recent newspapers), and a General Mills/Betty Crocker/Box Tops Promo where you can get 50 bonus boxtops when you buy 8 select General Mills items. Since I have a little one in school and matching coupons, I will definitely be taking advantage of that promo. Finally, they have a Johnson and Johnson sale going on too, and I know there were matching coupons for those sales in last week's newspaper.

Food Lion is doing their private label sale where you get a quarter off for every purchase of a Food Lion My Essentials brand product, minmum of four (save $1) and maximum of 40 (save $10). You can get cat food and biscuits pretty cheap doing this, but this is a good time to get any private label items that you might use from there. I like the strawberries for $2.50, too and the BOGO on Froot Loops and Corn Pops, for which there are available coupons, too.

Finally, I didn't see anything too crazy at Lowes Foods but I do like how I can use the three-week coupons there from the past week. They last through January 24th. Also, their strawberries are on sale 2 for $5 and Lowes Foods brand veggies are $.48 each, limit 6. Drumsticks and thighs are on sale for $.97 a pound and that is a good price.

Check out all the deals and make your list by clicking below!

Grocery Store Deals January 11-17th

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