Friday, April 13, 2012

Making Meal Deals Work for You!

I knew something was wrong when I had a dream the other night that I had missed out on this week's Meal Deal at Harris Teeter! In my dream, the Meal Deal had actually happened last week but I had planned on buying it this week. I was so upset and my dream reaction was way over the top!

Although my dream was extreme, the Meal Deals really are something to get excited about. Harris Teeter leads the charge in consistent Meal Deals; they offer one most weeks. I have also noticed Food Lion and Lowes Foods sporadically offering Meal Deals, too, so it appears they are getting into the game.

For those who don't know, Meal Deals are when the grocery store offers you a set of items that you must buy all at once, together as a group, in order to get an exceptional discount. Harris Teeter prominently displays their Meal deals in the store flyer, usually on the front or front flap. There are also posters throughout the store as well as a card at the register. Food Lion and Lowes Foods tend to hide theirs a little more, in my opinion, so you have to look inside of the flyer.

This week's Harris Teeter Meal Deal is as follows:

Buy ALL of the following for only $5.99 plus tax: (limit one per family)

  • one (1) 15-16 oz. pkg. Ball Park Angus Beef Franks or New York Deli Style Beef Franks;
  • one (1) 8 ct. Ball Park Hot Dog Buns;
  • one (1) 7-8.5 oz. Cape Cod Potato Chips; and
  • one (1) 2 ltr. Coca-Cola Product 
That really is a great deal! The beauty of it is that you can even use coupons on the items to lower the price even further! I hear there are coupons floating around out there for the hot dogs and for the chips, although I myself could not find any.

Just for fun, I decided to price these items yesterday when I was in Food Lion getting my $.99 per pound grapes. Below is what the Meal Deal would cost if you bought it at Food Lion:

Ball Park Angus Beef Franks: $4.99
Ball Park Hot Dog Buns: $2.49
Cape Cod Chips: $3.79
2 liter Coca Cola: $1.33
Grand Total: $12.60
Wow! What a savings! You would overspend by $6.61 if you bought the items at Food Lion.

I suggest planning a weekly meal around a Meal Deal or even if you don't need the items now, get them anyway and save them because if you wait until later, they may not be on sale when you need them.

Be on the lookout for weekly Meal Deals as they really can help you save Big Bucks!

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