Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Produce Deals this Week

One of the easiest ways to save on produce is to simply buy it on sale. Produce goes on sale, too, mainly when it's in season, but even when not in season the grocery store will occasionally surprise you. Food Lion seems to take the cake this week with produce deals. Below I list some of my favorite prices this week:

Harris Teeter:

B1G1 Free Blackberries or Blueberries (my kids will be so happy to see this- we only buy these on sale)- At this price they come out to be $1.99 each

Iceberg Lettuce B1G1 Free

Select Bagged Apples- $3.50 per bag (great deal- I tried some and they were so sweet and crispy)!

Food Lion: 

Gala Apples- $.99 per pound (this is an awesome price! normally these run $1.79 per pound)!

Cluster Tomatoes- $.99 per pound (normally $1.99 per pound, so big savings)

Fresh Express or Dole Salads 12 ounces- $1.50 each 

5 pound bag Yellow Potatoes- $2.99 per bag

3 pound bag Yellow Onions- $1.99 each

Hass Avocados- $.89 each

Red or Bosc Pears- $1.39 per pound

Lowes Foods:

T&A Romaine Hearts- B1G1 Free (makes them $1.75 each)

Jumbo Sweet Cantaloupe- (B1G1 Free (makes it $1.84 each)

Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes- (B1G1 Free (makes them $1.98 each pint)

Zuchinni or Yellow Squash- $1.49 per pound

Try to eat the produce that's on sale and in season and you will save the most. My children know they get the fruits that are on sale each week. If all else fails, there's always bananas! 

Finally, nothing beats the value of growing your own, so try out a couple of veggies or fruits that you like- I did last year and it was a lot of fun!

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