Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome Back $2.99 Tuesdays!

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The last time the Fresh Market offered $2.99 Tuesdays was January of 2012. Here we are in April and it's back again! I decided to re-post a post that I did from January (see below) for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fresh Market and $2.99 Tuesdays. Don't miss out!


If you've never been in the Fresh Market grocery store near Mayfaire off of Military Cutoff Road, you are certainly missing out on indulging your senses! While I love going into the Fresh Market and admiring their beautiful displays of fresh fruits, meats, seafood, specialty groceries and hot foods section, it is not a place that my budget will allow me to shop often.

However, even the Fresh Market realizes that people like a good deal and I have noticed them offering more specials lately, possibly due to the coming arrival of Whole Foods and Trader Joes in Wilmington. I was informed by a Fresh Market cashier that they do take manufacturer's coupons there and while walking around the store I did notice some sales. While some of their fruit was expensive, other items that were on sale were comparable to what I'd pay at a regular grocery store but the Fresh Market fruit always looks much nicer. I'm not sure if they have a sales flyer; I did not look as I specifically went in for the $2.99 Tuesday special last week but I will look for a flyer when I go in today.

Something that they are doing now is $2.99 Tuesdays. On Tuesday only, you can go in and get fresh ground chuck for only $2.99 per pound, antiobiotic-free, vegetatrian-fed chicken breast for $2.99 per pound and RSBT hormone free milk for $2.99 per gallon (limit 4 gallons). These are great prices on some essential items that are all high-quality foods. I bought the ground chuck last week and it was so fresh and delicious. I love the way they wrap it, too. I'm actually planning all of our Tuesday night dinners this month around $2.99 Tuesdays, so each Tuesday night we will eat something involving ground beef. Last week it was lasagne; I think tonight will be cheeseburgers!

By the way, $2.99 per gallon is an excellent price on milk in general, so the fact that this is hormone free milk just takes the cake. See my article where I shared the high price of milk from Food Lion back in September. Milk there was $4.49 a gallon when not on sale!

If you do love the Fresh Market and specialty items but you're shopping on a budget, my tip is to follow their sales because they do have some. Just like with many grocery stores, if you go in and buy things that are not on sale, you will break the bank, but if you use their cyclic sales each week you will find that many of the items you need do go on sale at some point.

Happy $2.99 Tuesday!!!

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