Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lance Cracker 8 pack Just $.67 today only!

 Print this coupon to make the Lance 8 pack crackers only $.67 
today during Harris Teeter's Saturday special!

How many times have you stopped by a vending machine and purchased one of those packs of Lance crackers for $.75 or more? 

Well, today only at Harris Teeter you can get an entire 8-pack for only $67! That's 8.3 cents per packet. When I see deals like this, I go ahead and get them, especially because they make good, quick little snacks for myself or my children and keep us away from those vending machines that can really eat through a budget.

This is how the deal works- it's simple. The 8 pack Lance Crackers are on Saturday special for only $1.77. That's already a good deal but if you use a coupon it's even better. Here is a coupon that you can print for $.55 off one pack. The coupon will double to $1.10 off, since Harris Teeter doubles coupons under $1.00 every day of the week. $1.77-$1.10= $.67!

The great news is that you can print the coupon two times and get two 8 packs at that price.

Drop by Harris Teeter today to get this deal because it is a Saturday special only! One note- if you miss it today, the crackers are still on sale the rest of the week through Tuesday night for $2.50. If you use the coupon with that price they will be $1.40. That's certainly not as good as the $.67 today, but if you consider that it makes each individual pack of crackers only 17.5 cents, that's still much better than paying for them at a vending machine!

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