Monday, August 13, 2012

Making Money Buying Feminine Products this Week!

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I think it's about time to add feminine products to my list of things that I can pretty much count on getting for free. Not only that, but this week there were three examples of when buying the products and using coupons actually made money!

This week at Harris Teeter (through Tuesday night), the Tampax Pearl Tampons and Always Infinity Pads were money makers. That means that the total amount of coupons redeemed was more than the cost. Normally this doesn't work but Harris Teeter allows the use of a paper coupon (for example, printed online or from the Sunday paper) along with a Harris Teeter online EVIC coupon (in your e-mail), even if you're only buying one item.

The Always Infinity have been out of stock everytime I check in the store, but I was able to find the Tampax Pearl for $4.49. In the August Proctor and Gamble insert there were $2 off coupons. This week is Super Doubles so the coupon doubled to $4 off, making the total cost $.49. Honestly, I would have bought them at that price anyways but then I realized that there was also a $2 off Harris Teeter EVIC coupon as well for the Tampax Pearl! I clicked it and that came off, too, making my total $1.51 in the positive. I love it! That $1.51 was applied to the rest of my order, so it was like I got something else in the store for free.

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That deal works the same way with the Always Infinity Pads, so hopefully they will re-stock before Super Doubles ends tomorrow.

Finally, Stayfree Pads are money makers at Rite Aid this week. They are on sale for $3 and there was a $2 off coupon in the July Sunday paper, I believe on July 22nd and 29th. That brings the cost down to $1, which is great but it still gets better!

Rite Aid is offering a promo this week where you get $2 in +UP rewards if you buy Stayfree pads. So, counting the +UP rewards, I come out $1 in the positive after paying! I can use those +UP rewards to spend on anything else in the store. They are like Rite Aid Cash.

So, how many of you ladies used to be bitter about having to pay for feminine products? No need to be bitter anymore- they can actually MAKE you money!

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