Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy, Where Do Coupons Come From?

People often ask about where do I get all of my coupons. There are so many sources....I will name a few of my favorites.

My main source for coupons is still the Sunday paper. Every Sunday I get a Sunday newspaper from a major city. I live in Wilmington, NC, but I have to admit that I buy the Raleigh News and Observer instead. I do not buy our local paper because it's coupon pickings are very slim. The coupon inserts in my local paper are filled with ads for wonderbras, combination apple/pear trees, and other bizarre objects. There are usually only a few pages of coupons in the whole insert. For this reason, I suggest getting the Raleigh paper if you can get your hands on one. It is usually LOADED with coupons each Sunday.

Another source is online. There are so many printable coupons available! I do print a good number of online coupons from sites such as Honestly, though, I try not to print unless I know I'm going to use the coupon. Think about the ink that is spent printing coupons. Even though I'm careful, I still end up throwing away coupons that I printed that have expired, and I sure hate wasting that ink.

Another source of coupons is direct from the manufacturer. If you write in to your favorite manufacturer (you can do this via e-mail, too) or if you go to their Facebook page and join, they will often send you wonderful coupons in your e-mail and sometimes in your home mailbox, too. For example, I am on Proctor and Gamble's mail list and I would say that I get coupon books from them monthly. They are usually very high value coupons, too.

Don't forget other sources such as coupons on products in the store. Pay attention next time you go shopping. Just the other day I bought a box of Kellog's Mini Wheats. I picked up my box and then noticed that the box right beside it had a sign on it that said, "$5 worth of coupons inside this box!" I quickly put my box down and grabbed the box that had the coupons in it. That was an easy, free way to get some good coupons. Don't forget that during Super Doubles week, that $5 would actually be worth $10, which is nothing to snub one's nose to!

When you check out at the store, sometimes coupons print out at the register. Those are called, "Catalinas." Be sure to check your catalinas because they often offer store specific deals or coupons tailored to items you buy frequently. I put all of my catalinas in an envelope in my purse and flip through them before shopping. Just last week I got a Catalina notifying me of a Harris Teeter sale for free milk. Last week (I'm so mad I didn't post this in my blog) if you bought three boxes of Kellogs cereal you could get a free gallon of milk! And Kellogs were on sale last week AND you could use coupons on your cereal, thus making the cereal and milk very cheap.

Finally, don't forget magazines (I got two Proctor and Gamble coupon booklet inserts last month from People en Espanol and Essence Magazine). They had over $70 worth of coupons inside! Also, All You magazine has lots of coupons and others such as Family Fun will randomly have coupons in them. 

Coupons turn up in the strangest places; I was paying for gas and saw three booklets there loaded with coupons, so I grabbed a few. Always keep your eyes and ears peeled for those coupons! 

Later, I plan to do a post about coupon organization. I have a very easy way of organizing my coupons that makes my life easy and I can't wait to share it with you!

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