Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exciting National Geographic Promotion at Lowes Food and Food Lion

The new grocery store deals started today and there are a lot of great deals out there this week! One deal that I can't wait to do is the Proctor and Gamble/National Geographic Promotion going on THIS WEEK ONLY at Lowes Foods and Food Lion.

It's simple- at Food Lion, when you buy $25 worth of Proctor and Gamble Products and you automatically get a free subscription to both National Geographic AND National Geographic Kids magazine! At Lowe's Foods if you spend the $25, you can have your choice of one magazine or the other. A redemption form for the magazines will print out for you at the register. The ad says that the magazines alone are worth $120 value. Obviously that's a little inflated but I do know that those two magazines are not cheap. My husband loves National Geographic and I think my son will enjoy the kids version, so I plan to get this deal tomorrow.

The great thing is that Proctor and Gamble makes so many products that it won't be hard to find $25 worth of something. Pantene, Pampers, Pull Ups, Dawn, Cascade, and Prilosec are just a few of the brands that qualify. The complete list can also be found in this week's grocery store ad, so be sure to look it over when you go into the grocery store. Proctor and Gamble also makes Charmin toilet paper and Bounty Paper towels, so this would be a good week to stock up on those types of items. Many of the Proctor and Gamble items are on sale this week, too.

Even better is that you can use coupons on all of the items to bring down the total cost. In other words, as long as you spend $25 pre-coupon, you will still get the free magazines! How awesome is that?! 

I plan to go to Food Lion tomorrow so I can get both magazines; I will update tomorrow to let you know how I did!

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