Monday, April 11, 2011

Harris Teeter Meal Deal

For those who are unaware, each week Harris Teeter does a "meal deal." Basically, if you buy all of the items that they have listed as part of the meal deal, you get it for a really good price.

The meal deal is usually listed on a poster in the store and also highlighted in the store ad on the front page somewhere. I normally wouldn't post about a meal deal but this week's was exceptionally good, I thought, plus there were coupon matchups to help make it even cheaper. 

This week's meal deal cost $5.99 if you bought all four of the following items:

Ballpark Beef Franks  14-16 oz
8 Count Whitewheat Hotdog Buns
1 Gallon of Lipton Tea (any variety)
One 9-11.5 oz Bag of Lays Potato Chips (any variety)

That's a pretty good deal as it is. But.....of course it gets better.

I used a coupon from the Sunday Paper for .55 off of Lays Chips. This doubles to $1.10 off.

I also used a coupon from the Sunday Paper for .55 off of Ballpark Franks. This also doubled, becoming $1.10 off.

So, for me, the Meal Deal ended up being $3.79 plus tax for all of the above items- the chips, hot dogs, hot dog buns, and gallon of tea. I think that's a great deal! Normally, Lays Chips alone cost $3.99. I love matching up coupons with sales!

If you would like to purchase the Meal Deal, you have until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday night, April 12th). After that, on Wednesday, a new Meal Deal should come out!

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