Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Double Coupon Week THIS WEEK at Harris Teeter!

If you are not a regular Harris Teeter shopper, THIS is the week to give them a try! It was during a Super Double Coupon week that I began my obsession with coupons and saving money because a friend of mine gave me coupons that showed me just how much money I could save. I went in using the coupons she had given me and came out with a cart of groceries and only spent about $7. I got many items for free.

So what is Super Double Coupons week? Well, Harris Teeter normally doubles all coupons that are $.99 value or lower. For example, if you take a coupon for $.75 off into Harris Teeter, any day of the year, they will double that coupon to $1.50. That's a great deal. However, if you take in a coupon that is $1, it will not double because it is over their $.99 limit.

But, every 5-7 weeks Harris Teeter does something special. They have what is called "Super Double Coupons." During that week, they will double even coupons that are over $1. So, for example, if you take in a coupon for $1.50 off of an item, Harris Teeter will match that and double the coupon to $3.00 off. That is an amazing deal, especially because so many items in the grocery store are less than that amount. That means you can use your high value coupons and get items for free or really cheap. The upper limit is $1.98- coupons of $1.99 or more do not double. Also there is a limit of 20 coupons per day.

I plan to shop early this week and I will report back with any good deals that I saw or got. This is a great week to take a  look at all of your $1 or more coupons and use those first this week, since they will only double this week. Also, I suggest not waiting until the weekend, as I find a lot of items are missing on Saturdays or Sundays because others are in there getting the good deals, too.

In the meantime, take a look at the Super Double Coupons deals list from one of my favorite websites, She includes a comprehensive list of all of the best deals, but remember, she doesn't find EVERY deal! I suggest using her list, but also going through your coupons this week and seeing what you have and then taking a stroll through the store to match up deals to your coupons.

Click below to see all the awesome deals at Harris Teeter this week only! (Wednesday-Tuesday)

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