Friday, August 12, 2011

Amazing Lysol Promotion at Harris Teeter!

If you haven't done the Lysol promotion at Harris Teeter, you MUST! It lasts through Tuesday night, so you still have plenty of time. It works best if you bought two copies of last week's Sunday paper; there were two pages full of Lysol coupons in the Smart Source insert that allow you to get this great deal. Take a look:

                                  I got all of these cleaning products for only $3.91 plus tax!!!!

Want to know how I did it? I will show you so you can grab the deal, too!

Harris Teeter is running a promo this week where if you buy $20 worth of Lysol products, you get $5 off your bill automatically at the register. Even better is that the Lysol products are on sale AND there were matching coupons in last week's Sunday paper (there are also some coupons on my database if you search "Lysol"). 

The great thing about the promo is that once you buy $20 worth of Lysol products, you will get the $5 credit, EVEN if you use coupons to lower the actual amount you pay. So I bought:

4 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners (on sale for $1.50 each)
4 Lysol Antibacterial Wipes (on sale for $1.79 each)
4 Lysol Kitchen Spray Cleaners (on sale for $1.69)
1 Lysol Antibacterial Fabric Mist (on sale for $2.99)

Total: $22.91

At the register, $5 came off automatically for the promotion.

I then redeemed 7 coupons, all for $1 off. Since this was Super Double week, they doubled to $14 off!!!!

$22.91- $5- $14= $3.91!!!! I SAVED $41.94 (this was on my receipt)

Now THAT's what I call a great deal! Not even the dollar store can beat that. Since I bought 13 items, they averaged $.30 a piece. I personally love the Lysol toilet bowl cleaners, too, so I was very happy to stock up.

One annoying thing is that I had to pay $1.12 tax. That is because the tax is configured on the PRE-coupon amount, not what you pay after coupons. Bummer, I know. But, it is still a great deal!

As a side note, the Harris Teeter Mayfaire had plenty in stock; hopefully they will stock up some more this week. The Harris Teeter in Ogden was out of the wipes, so I had to go up the road to complete the deal. 

Let me know if you are able to get this great deal, too!


  1. that is awesome, i just copied so i could and not forget anything

  2. HI Delly!
    Great job! I did the promo WRONG :( and it didn't take $5 off. :( I posted on your FB page what I think I did wrong.

  3. I did the promo successfully today, on shopping trip #4. I've been 4/4 days! I saved $95.26 and spent $42.66 on today's trip which included these Lysol savings! :)

  4. I wish I had seen this before buying several lysol products over a couple different shopping trips...I probably spent enough to get the promo but didn't do it all at once because I just kept trying to get different things each time because they were out of several things I wanted everytime I went in. One last trip tonight for this super doubles!

  5. I'm sorry that you missed it, Jennifer!