Friday, August 5, 2011

The Seasonal Nature of Sales + Kelloggs Promo

One thing that I love about grocery store sales is that they tend to follow patterns according to the season. For example, in the fall there are lots of deals on cold medicine. In the spring, there are deals on allergy medicine. Around Easter there are sales on hams and around Thanksgiving there are sales on turkeys and canned vegetables. Fourth of July brings sales on hotdogs, buns, grilling meats and paper products (plates, cups, plastic utensils, etc). 

I think you get the idea! I love this because it means easier shopping for us, the consumers. Usually things go on sale right around when you really need them. Even better is that the manufacturers of these products are aware of this and tend to offer coupons for their products around the same time, making it easier for us to match our coupons to the sales.

Right now is back-to-school time. Obviously, there are lots of sales on school supplies at this time but there are great deals on back-to-school type foods. Sandwich crackers and cookies and any snacks that come in individually wrapped packs tend to go on sale right now. Breakfast cereals have also been on sale for the past week or so, so this is a good time to stock up on cereal.

Harris Teeter is running a great promo right now on Kelloggs and Keebler Products. If you buy any 10, $5 comes off of your bill automatically at checkout! Even better is that the cereals are already on sale (Saturday special Kellogs cereals $1.87 each, limit four). You can also use coupons on this transaction and almost all of the listed products in the promo have matching coupons either from the Sunday paper recently, online, or from inside of Kelloggs product packages. Be sure to use my coupon database to look for matching coupons on this promo! This is such a great time to stock up on breakfast cereals!  

Click here for details about the promo!

Also, to be fair, I should mention that Lowes Foods is also running a similar promo. Buy any 10 Kelloggs, Eggo, Murray, Keebler or Famous Amos products and get $5 off your bill automatically. This deal lasts longer, too. You have until August 16th to take advantage!

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