Friday, August 19, 2011

What's on my Grocery List

I tend to shop on the weekends because often the grocery stores have weekend sales in addition to their normal weekly sales. Harris Teeter has a Saturday special every Saturday, and it's usually definitely worth attending. Normally the Saturday special consists of one or two items that are extremely deeply discounted. That is how I often get toilet paper or paper towels; almost each month Harris Teeter has a Saturday special for toilet paper or paper towels, so I just wait for the sale and buy it then.

Lowes Foods and Food Lion tend to have three day or weekend sales. One difference is that their weekend sales last three days versus Harris Teeter's one day Saturday special. Also, there are usually several items on discount during the Lowes Foods and Food Lion weekend sales. This weekend has great weekend sales from both stores, so be sure to check out the flyer.

So, what's on my grocery list this weekend? I'm going to Harris Teeter on Saturday; check out some of the items that I definitely plan to buy!

Minute Maid 10 count 100% Juice Boxes- (Saturday Special) $1.77 minus my $1 off coupon from Delly's Deals coupons make it only $.77 each)!
Hefty One Zip Freezer and Storage Bags- BOGO sale $2.89 minus my $1 off coupon from newspaper)- these will end up costing me only $.94 each)
Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting- $3.84- $.75 off coupon from paper= $2.34 for both
Peter Pan Peanut Butter- $2.00-$.50 off coupon from the paper which doubles= $1 for the peanut butter
McCormick Taco Seasoning (EVIC Special) $.25 each; I'm buying two
Harris Teeter Brand Apple Sauce 6 pack- BOGO for $1.99- makes it only $.99 each pack!
Harris Teeter Dozen Large Eggs- BOGO $1.99- makes it only $.99 per dozen- AWESOME deal- stock up!
Arnolds Wide Pan Honey Wheat Bread- BOGO sale $4.29- makes it $2.14 each loaf
Harris Teeter Pre-Sliced Deli Meats and Cheeses- $2.39 each
Sara Lee Bread Loaf- on sale for $1.99 I think- $.55 off coupon from paper makes it only $.89 per loaf!
Lucky Charms EVIC Special $1.97 I have coupon for $1 off of two, making them $1.50 each
Snackwells Snacks EVIC Special $1.47 My coupon for $.75 doubles, making them FREE!
Harris Teeter 4 count Bath Tissue- BOGO (I don't need toilet paper now, but I always get it when I see a sale)
Smuckers Jelly (the BIG one) on sale for $1.37 My coupon for $.55 doubles, making it only $.27

I also plan to price check Crest toothpaste, as I have a $.75 off coupon from the Proctor and Gamble insert plus a digital coupon for $.75 off, totaling $2.25 in discounts towards one box. Considering the discount, I should end up paying very little for the toothpaste, if not getting it for free. 

I'm not buying any meat, other than deli turkey, because I am pretty stocked up on meat in my deep freezer. I will say that I saw some awesome deals on meats this week at all three of the stores, and I may do a separate post about that. Again, check your flyer for details.

Finally, I did notice a great deal on the Fruit Rollups and Fruit Snacks. They are EVIC special for Saturday, only $.97 each. There is a digital coupon available for them, plus a coupon from the Sunday paper a few weeks back, making them free. I don't buy those for myself or my kids, but if you do, this is certainly the weekend to get them!

What's on your list this weekend?

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