Friday, August 12, 2011

More Super Double Deals Lists

Jenny, from Southern Savers, always makes lists of the deals that you can find during Harris Teeter Super Double coupon week. The lists are not perfect; they won't include EVERY deal that can be found, but they do alert you to many of the deals.

The nice thing about her lists is that you can actually click each deal that you would like to find and then print out a shopping list, all from her web site. She also lists coupon matchups to the deals so that you can go to your coupon box, bin, or binders and find the matching coupons. Take note of all the items with the acorns posted beside them; those are the super great deals.

Keep in mind that when Jenny posts a deal, SO many people see it! There are over a million users of her website. For this reason, it's a toss of the dice as to whether your store will have the item in stock. Quite often deals that she posts are sold out, unless it's just something that the store recently restocked or that they have a lot in stock anyway. I tend to do better finding my own deals that she didn't post, using my own coupons, but it doesn't hurt to look for items that she posts as well.

Here is a list of more great deals from Harris Teeter Super Doubles!

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