Sunday, November 20, 2011

Star News vs. News and Observer!

This week both the Raleigh paper and the Wilmington paper had one insert. I found a Smart Source insert in each paper. I did not see a Red Plum.

Honestly, both inserts were a little sad- there weren't too many coupons today in either insert, but that's to be expected for end of the month. Last week's coupons were so awesome; I guess that was the last hurrah for coupons before Thanksgiving! Keep in mind that there will not be coupons in next week's paper either, since it's Thanksgiving. 

One tip I give for weeks like this when there are very little or no coupons is to take the opportunity to fix up your binder! Since you won't have many to clip, today and next week will be a great time to go through your binder and pull expired coupons and file any coupons that you've been meaning to put in their sleeves. My binder was all out of order from Super Double coupons, so I finally fixed it back up on Friday night and I felt so much better on my Saturday shopping trip with my binder in order again.

The Wilmington paper coupon insert was thinner than Raleigh's. Almost all the coupons in the Raleigh SmartSource insert were the same as the Wilmington Smart Source insert plus more, so if you can find a Raleigh paper today, I would definitely get it because you'll get more for your money.

Some of the coupons featured today in the Wilmington paper were lots of Pillsbury coupons, LouAna oil, Playtex products, Mariani Cherries, Mueller's Whole Grain Pasta, Claritin, Smart Balance products, Schick Hydro Razors, Scotch-Brite, Sucrets, Air Wick, Caribou Coffee, Phillips Soniccare, and Moe's coupons. 

The Raleigh paper had all of the above (except Caribou coffee or Scotch Brite) plus Cold Stone coupons, Allens canned foods, Yoplait, Wright Bacon, EZ Start Duck Tape, Carvel Cakes, Depends, Pediasure, Huggies, Seattle's Best Coffee, Butterball Turkey and Edwards Pies, Hershey's and Reeses Candy, Finish Tablets, Chinet Plates and Cups, Zim's Crack Creme, Starbucks, Pepperidge Farm Cakes, Blue Diamond nuts, Aloutte Cheeses (these are so good and great for parties!), Clean and Clear, Prevacid, Infusium 23, and Olive Garden.

One final tip- check your paper before you walk out of the store! It took me going through FIVE Raleigh papers before I could find one with the coupon inserts in it. This normally isn't a problem for me, so I don't know what happened today.

Happy Thanksgiving and since there will not be any coupons next week, I'll be back with another newspaper comparison on  December 4th!

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