Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Double Coupons Trip #1/Giftcard Giveaway

I paid $18.97 for all these groceries, down from a total of $87.53.

Items pictured: Harris Teeter Fresh Lettuce Salad Mix, Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, 2 Jars of Wolfgang Puck Spaghetti Sauce, Herbal Essences Shampoo, Gold Peak Green Tea 64 oz, Gold Peak Sweet Tea 64 oz, 5 Cans of Green Giant Veggies, Dawn Dish Detergent, Bounty Paper Towels Select-a-size, Febreeze Set and Refresh, Ortega Taco Shells, Ortega Tostada Shells, 3 Carpet Fresh Scented Powders, Welch's Grape Juice 64 oz, Campbells Kettle Style Soup, Bear Creek Potato Soup Mix, Always Infinity Maxis 14 ct., Crest Complete Deep Clean Toothpaste, Angus Cubed Steak, 4 Bananas, 3 Activia Greek Yogurts, 1 Dozen Large Eggs, Smart Balance Half Gallon of Milk, Coffee Mate Brown Sugar Maple Latte Creamer

This morning I got up early and did my first Super Double Coupons week trip to Harris Teeter in Mayfaire. Although I was organized and prepared with my two sets of coupons (freebies and cheapies), the trip took longer than expected due to the fact that the store had not changed over all their prices from the previous week's sale. This made shopping a challenge, as I had to go by memory on some of the prices. For example, the Wolfgang Puck Spaghetti Sauce was on sale for $2.00 but the tag still said $2.99. This caused me to second guess whether it should be included on my freebies list, as I had a $1.00 off coupon that would double to $2.00 off. I noticed employees still changing tags, so I went ahead and got the soup. Good thing too, because it ended up being a money maker!

Other than that problem, the trip was successful. I ended up getting $87.53 worth of groceries for only $18.97, so I was happy with that. Also, I got $1.50 back in the form of Catalina coupons to use in the store on my next trip, due to a special promo going on with the Wolfgang Puck Spaghetti Sauce, so if you count that, I guess you could say that I really spent only $17.47 for 34 items, many of them being expensive items (specialty milks, feminine products, meat, specialty toothpaste, to name a few).

Below are the FREE items that I got:

In addition to the above freebies, I got lots of cheapies (items under $.50). For example, I liked the deal on Green Giant Canned Veggies. They are Buy 2 Get 3 Free, so I got five cans for only 2.70. I also had a $.50 off, making the total for all five $2.20 (.44 each). Not the best deal ever on canned veggies, but still very good.

I also got Coffee Mate Creamer for only .17, after paper and digital coupons, and I made money on a roll of Bounty Paper towels. They were free after my $1.00 paper coupon (from Essence Magazine) and then I still got a $.50 credit for a Bounty digital coupon, making it a $.50 money maker. The Herbal Essences Shampoo was a deal, at only 3.16, making it $.16 after digital coupon and paper coupon. Honestly, I think it was supposed to be a money maker, because I thought it was on sale for $2.50, so I may check back with the store on that pricing. 

There are so many deals to be had this week, especially if you combine digital and paper coupons. Through Monday, November 7th, if you post on the Delly's Deals Facebook Page to share your great deals that you get (from any store, not just Harris Teeter), you will be entered into a drawing for a $10 grocery store gift card, so be sure to drop in and share!


  1. Great job Delly! I hate that I have to wait another day after using my 20 coupon max!

  2. Thanks, Tracy. You did an awesome job, too. I know what you mean about making it back- Thursday is my super busy day, so I doubt I'll make it back tomorrow. Guess I'll have to wait until the weekend!