Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harris Teeter TRIPLE Coupons Coming Up!

Rumor has it in the coupon world that Harris Teeter will be tripling coupons the week starting May 18th! If this turns out to be just a rumor, I guess I will learn my lesson about announcing things before they are official.

But, just in case it is true, this week would be a good time to get together any coupons that you think might be good candidates for tripling. Harris Teeter will triple any coupon that has a face value of less than $.99 and you can triple up to 20 per day. For example, a $.75 off coupon would triple to $2.25 off! So, I would go through my coupons and start pulling any that you think might make items free or much cheaper than usual if they tripled. You never know which items will also be on sale that week, thus making the triple coupon week even more profitable, but it never hurts to start pulling and cutting coupons for the items you are most likely to want. I usually put mine in a labeled mailing envelope titled, "Triple Coupons," and then I can go back through those coupons next week when the new Harris Teeter ad comes out and check to see which couponed items are on sale. Or, you can easily take the envelope with you into the store. 

One final tip- consider organizing the coupons in your envelope by aisle in the store. If you don't know for sure the order, just guess to the best of your knowledge. This will make shopping much easier if you are not walking back and forth across the store looking for items.

Well, we will wait for the official announcement about triple coupons. I will be sure to update here once I know for sure!


  1. Hi Delly,
    I just saw on Southern Savers site about Triple coupons in NC. That would be awesome! I'll keep my ears and eyes open! :) Chat with you soon!

  2. I'm so excited, Tracy! Harris Teeter hasn't done triple coupons here in almost a year, so I hope it's true!