Monday, May 2, 2011

Which Box Would You Choose?

Imagine you are at the grocery store and quickly grab two boxes of Blueberry Nutrigrain bars. Your kids and husband love them, they are on sale and you have a $1 coupon, so you are doing great!

But, when you get home, you realize the error. Take a look at the above picture. Which box would you choose if you could only choose one?

If you chose the second box, you are right! That box has $5 worth of coupons inside! During Super Doubles, you could count that as $10 worth of coupons. My point is that it is always important when in the grocery store to be on the lookout for specially marked packages that contain manufacturer's coupons. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get coupons. 

By the way, the Kellogs company is offering coupons right now on specially marked packages of cereals and breakfast bars, and possibly other products. I saw them on Mini Wheats last week and then on Nutrigrain Bars this week. They are really good coupons, too- for cereals, juices, breakfast foods and also $1 off of fresh fruit and $1 off of eggs when you buy Kellogs cereals. It is not too often that you see fruit and eggs coupons, so those are always nice to come by.

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