Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Tip on Meat this Week

One of the things that I love about interacting on Facebook and my website is the collective advice that I get from readers and fans. Everyone has something to contribute and I often learn the neatest things!

Dianne W., who attended my workshop on Saturday, wrote me an e-mail thanking me for the workshop and also offering a wonderful tip on saving on meat. I really can't put it any better myself, so I'm going to directly quote her below:

Here is the Best Deal on meat this week. Food Lion is offering sirloin tips for $2.28 lb. The butcher will cut it into whatever you like. Ground sirloin,stew beef,cube steak,sirloin steak,roast !!! Any of these would cost over $4.00 lb. normally!!! And the ground beef is premium lean meat near 98-99% fat-free. Much healthier! Also, upon request, the butcher will wrap the meat in individual packages,ready to go into your freezer! Therefore, saving you time and money of repackaging when you get home! I try to purchase enough to last until the next sale [normally two whole tips will be enough]. Again, thank you for sharing your information,and helping all your students better the lives of our families. 

Thank you Dianne for your nice comments and for sharing your meat-saving expertise with all of us! The price on meat that she quoted is available through tonight at Food Lion, so hop on over and try out Dianne's tip!

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