Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awesome Wolfgang Puck Money Maker at Harris Teeter!

 I got paid $2.50 to take these two spaghetti sauces home!

This morning at Harris Teeter I got PAID to buy the Wolfgang Puck Spaghetti Sauce. Boy was that an awesome surprise!

Actually, part of it was planned; another part of it was a surprise. This deal is running all week, so you can get it, too!

The Wolfgang Puck sauces are on sale for $2.00 (regularly priced $2.99), so you're already saving.

Then, there was a coupon from the October 9th Sunday newspaper for $1.00 off. Since it's Super Double coupon week, that $1.00 off turns into $2.00 off. That makes the sauce FREE!

But it gets better......there is a $1.00 off digital EVIC coupon from the Harris Teeter website that I had clicked and uploaded to my shopper card. Even though the sauce was free with my paper coupons, Harris Teeter still allows me to use the $1.00 digital coupon, so that means I EARNED $1.00!

Believe it or not, it still gets better! After I paid for my groceries, a $.75 Catalina coupon printed out for me to use on anything in the store on my next purchase! Since I bought two Wolfgang Puck sauces, I earned two of these, totaling $1.50!!!

So, in all, I paid nothing for the sauces and I earned $2.50!!!!! That's money that can go towards something else, like fruit, meat or veggies. 

Now that's what I call an awesome deal!

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