Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Deals

Have you gotten your Christmas tree, yet?

Someone on my Facebook page asked me for the best place to get one. Today I posted on Facebook asking everyone to share where they got their tree and how much they paid for it. Post here as well, so we can all get an idea of the prices people are paying and where to get the best deal.

I bought my tree this year from Food Lion. It is a 6-7 foot Fraser Fir and it cost us $29.99 + tax. That is the best price I've seen so far and we are very pleased with the tree! It is full and a lot bigger in our home than it seemed when we picked it up. The trees always seem little to me until I actually put it into the house.

Where did you find your Christmas tree?


  1. I got mine from a church who pre-sold some and I think also got extras to sell due to the amount of interest last year when they did it. I paid $35 for a 6-8 foot that was right at 8 foot from Highest Praise Church in Shallotte, NC and the 8-10 ft were a little more but they had some nice big, full trees and I love ours, I would have gotten bigger if my ceilings allowed for it but didn't want the husband to have to cut a lot off. I don't know how to describe this other than to say it looks like a quaint, ideal Mountain Christmas big gaps or uneven places or just plain ugly side you have hide like the trees I have had to pick from before, nice and full and uniform but yet looks just like one handpicked on a tree lot and natural..I absolutely love it and the best part is the money goes to the church so it's tax deductible for charity too if you want!

  2. I got mine from a place on Oleander Drive next to Jungle Rapids. I paid $35 and got an 7' very full tree that is not at all dried out. As a plus the gentleman who runs the location was so very nice and helpful and actually let my husband take the tree and come back later to pay because he only had a credit card on him.

  3. I also got mine from a church on College Rd right next to Pine Valley, Southside Baptist. They are selling trees to raise money for their mission trips. I got a lovely 6 foot tree for $30. They also have wreaths and different flavored ciders also. I was happy to see the youth group was actually taking shifts to earn their mission trip money. Very happy with my choice.