Wednesday, March 28, 2012

$.99 Grapes at Food Lion/Frugal Tip of the Week

People often ask me how to save money on fruits and veggies. The answer is fairly simple- buy them on sale. Like most other items, fruits and veggies go on sale in cycles. They are most likely to be on sale when they are in season, so for example, I buy and eat lots of sweet corn in the summer and lots of strawberries in late spring/early summer, lots of pumpkin products in the fall. If nothing is on sale, bananas are usually a good bet :)

Even out of season, fruits and veggies randomly go on sale. Green grapes must be in season somewhere because they have been going on sale like mad in the past month!

I'm happy to see that Food Lion has their $.99 per pound green grapes on sale this week again, through Tuesday, April 3rd. What a great deal! Grapes can be so expensive, sometimes $2.79-$2.99 per pound- I refuse to buy them when not on sale. I paid $2.10 for 2.13 pounds of grapes this morning; not on sale they would have been $5.30.

I want to thank Karin R. for reminding me that grapes can be frozen and that they are such a nice treat, especially when it's hot. I plan to try that today! Also, she had another great idea- use them as ice cubes! Freeze them and then pop them into your favorite drink (I made lemonade this morning). Once your drink is gone you have a nice, sweet grape to eat!

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