Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coupon Mom Coupons Restocked Today

While I still get most of my coupons from the Sunday newspaper, I do print some coupons online. One of my favorite sites from which to collect online coupons is, ""

Today they restocked their coupons. This means that you can go back in and print up to two copies of any coupon that you need. Two is the limit, unless you know how to clear the memory or IP address from your computer, which I know how to do but feel that it is not worth the hassle. The coupon mom website remembers your computer IP address and limits you to two prints of each coupon.

But, every couple of weeks or months or so, they go in and "re-stock" their coupons. Then you can print two of every coupon again without having to do anything crazy to your computer!

A couple of tips about printing coupons- only print the ones for products that you know you will use at some point. Think about the ink waste! That could really eat up your savings for sure if you print and waste coupons. 

Also, you can print in black and white in order to save your color ink. The grocery store still takes black and white coupons from the printer, as long as the bar code is there. Finally, keep in mind that online coupons sometimes "Sell out." When this happens, you get a notice that says, "Print limit reached." To avoid this happening to me, on the day they re-stock, I go and click through all of their coupons and print any ones for products that I know for sure I will use in the store. 

By the way, The Coupon Mom website has many resources for couponing. There's a coupon database, store deals summary and many more articles to read about how to coupon and organization and time saver tips. While it is not my absolute favorite coupon web site, it is a great place to get started and does offer some of the best coupons on the net!

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