Monday, May 30, 2011

Coupon Clipping Services

I had to take a little break after last week's Triple Coupon sale at Harris Teeter!

I'm back now and wanted to share a resource with everyone- Coupon Clipping Services!

If you're like me, you race out of the bed on Sunday morning and head to the local gas station, hoping that the Sunday newspaper is still in stock. Most Sundays there are plenty to be had. Other Sundays I leave the store empty handed and disappointed, for all of the newspapers are sold out. In all fairness, there is rarely a shortage of my local paper, but I actually buy the Raleigh News and Observer because it has more coupons. This fact is well known amongst local couponers and there are times when the Raleigh paper sells out.

Enter a wonderful idea- coupon clipping services! Entrepreneurs from cities all across America, who have access to newspapers filled with coupons, sell them online via their websites. All you have to do is click and purchase. Below are two of my favorite options for obtaining coupons.

The Q Hunter- here you can buy entire Red Plum, Smart Source and Proctor and Gamble inserts! The inserts are complete and whole, just like in your local newspaper. They even list each coupon found in each insert so that you can decide whether or not you want that insert. You can buy multiple inserts and get discounts on shipping for purchase of more inserts. I have found that the purchase of two inserts with shipping is about $3.50, so about a dollar more than I'd pay for a newspaper. Considering the convenience, and the sheer number of coupons you're getting, I personally think it is worth it. In addition, one must consider that this is a great option for those Sundays that you wake up late and don't make it to get a local paper on time.

Kuntry Clippers- here you can buy individual coupons, in sets of twenty for only $1. Sometimes they go on sale and are even less. I like this option because you may occasionally need multiples of a coupon because an item you need is going on sale and this is a great way to easily order multiples. For just $1, you are getting $10-$20 worth of coupons. This amount would be doubled if it's Super Double week!

I will be adding a button to the side of my blog for those of you who decide to purchase coupons from the above companies. If you do, I get a small percentage for referring you to them, so be sure to use my link to access their website!


  1. Thanks for the links and explanations! Now hurry up and post links on your blog here so I can buy some coupons and give you a percentage ;) Hee hee! I'm going to visits the sites you listed ASAP :)

  2. Great! I can't wait to order some, too. I tried adding the button but it did not work so I e-mailed for further instruction......hopefully I will have it up within the next day!